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"Listen up, people: No one dies today. Any questions'll just have to wait."
— Castle

Miles Campbell, codenamed Castle, is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Miles Campbell was born in Sherman Oaks, California. Campbell graduated from California State University with a bachelor's degree in Science and Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD. After five years on the job, he was reassigned to the LAPD SWAT team.

Campbell excelled in tactical support and high-risk incidents. His careful application of dynamic and deliberate entries made him a Captain early on, while his exceptional perimeter control earned him his first commendation.

Always interested in the safety of his team, Campbell worked tirelessly to perfect defense and reinforcement techniques and equipment. He earned multiple commendations since his first and became a certified firearms specialist. Campbell worked in the LAPD SWAT team for three years before he was transferred to the FBI as a field agent where he trained with the German Federal Police (GSG 9). After two years, he was eventually recruited into the FBI SWAT team. Campbell has participated in cross-departmental training sessions with international law enforcement agencies, including the SAS and GIGN.

Campbell's skills later led to his recruitment into Rainbow in 2015 alongside several other FBI SWAT specialists. In early 2021, he and César "Goyo" Hernández were sent to Los Angeles by Eliza “Ash” Cohen to recruit Santiago "Flores" Lucero into Rainbow. After discussing a bit of Flores' trade, Campbell told him that he did not care what he did after hours. He then asked if Flores had heard of Rainbow and The Program. Flores then realized who had sent them and accepted their offer to join Rainbow. As a test, Campbell, Ash, and Goyo observed Lucero perform one last heist on the home of a crime boss in Los Angeles.

Psychological Profile[]

Campbell has a knack for putting people at ease. He always appears comfortable regardless of the context. Campbell constantly strives to make sure that those around him are taken care of and feel safe, and is highly protective of people close to him.[1]

Psychological Report[]

Within minutes of my first meeting with Specialist Campbell it was like being with an old friend. He has an easy-going manner. We joked over American football and our football - side note: look up the origins of the word "soccer." I have 20 quid bet on it.

Reports repeatedly mention that Campbell is referred to as "papa bear" or "the diplomat" among Rainbow operators. He described how he smoothed over a heated discussion between two operators the other night. It's clear that he's the team's social glue. This, and his openness, means that Campbell can be grouped with any member of Rainbow. I'm not surprised that he's the one with whom Specialist Eliza "Ash" Cohen feels the most comfortable.

His sense of fair play is clear in both his personal and professional life. I wondered if it was ever a struggle for him, given what he's seen. Without hesitation he told me: His job is to protect those who can't protect themselves. Beyond the sense of justice that motivates him, he has a desire to transform things for the better.

Our discussion explored his appreciation of his teammates, world cultures, and his love for the abused dogs he's rescued. Campbell's a curious person, someone who enjoys learning for learning's sake: Habitually staying up late to watch any sort of documentary certainly makes him a kindred spirit for me. He draws his positive energy from his parents, who have been married for 42 years and are still madly in love. Along with inheriting their work ethic, it's their playfulness he tries to emulate.

Campbell is a hopeful person. He believes in the potential of people - all people - and wants to be an agent of change. He's so concerned for others that he may overlook his own needs. I suspect this is what sparked his recent blow-up after a training exercise. His frustration with himself is evident. One of his strategies hadn't played out the way he had hoped. Clearly, we need to make sure he gets as much encouragement as he offers to the others.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Medium Armored Operator, Castle is equipped with four Universal Tactical Panels (Armor Panels). These special barricades can be deployed on any door or window frame.

  • Castle can deploy Armor Panels in place of a normal wooden barricade for doorways and windows. The Armor Panels are bulletproof.
    • Like normal Barricades, Armor Panels are destroyed by explosive damage, as well as Sledge's Breaching Hammer (which behaves as if it deals explosive damage).
    • The flames from Maverick's Breaching Torch can burn holes through an Armor Panel, and eventually destroy the Armor Panel with enough damage.
    • An Armor Panel will always be destroyed if it was hit with 9 melee attacks.
    • Melee attacks and bullet strikes (except from the BOSG.12.2) do not create see-through holes on the Armor Panels.
      • Melee attacks will punch a hole on one of the outer layers of the armor panel, but they cannot go through the central layer.
  • Armor Panels will protect Castle while he is deploying them, but only the parts of the Armor Panels that are being rolled down.
  • Armor Panels take increased time for Defenders to pull off.
    • Any Armor Panel taken down by Defenders restores another one for Castle.
  • Like normal Barricades, Armor Panels placed on doorways are not fully enclosed at the bottom.
  • Like Reinforcements, shooting the actual Panel whilst it's being deployed will still block the bullets.


  • Because the Armor Panels are always destroyed after 9 melee strikes, the Armor Panels can be used to set up an ambush. By pre-hitting the Armor Panels 8 times, an Operator can then destroy it with one melee attack, giving a surprise to enemies behind it.
    • If a Defender has any Impact Grenades on them, they can use them to instantly destroy his Armor Panels as well for the same tactic.


  • Sledge's Breaching Hammer, Ash's Breaching Rounds and Zofia's Impact Grenades from her Lifeline can also destroy them instantly.
  • Some weapons and gadgets can penetrate the Armor Panels:
  • Fuze's Cluster Charges can be deployed on Armor Panels and will punch out a sizable hole on the Armor Panel after being detonated.
  • Like Fuze, Ying's Candelas can also be deployed on Armor Panels, but the hole created is much smaller.
  • The 707th SMB's BOSG.12.2 can shoot out one layer out of the three layers that make up an Armor Panel. They can create a peek hole by shooting out all three layers. With 3 holes made (9 layers in total), they can even completely destroy an Armor Panel.
  • Maverick can burn holes through an Armor Panel. With enough damage, the Armor Panel will be completely destroyed.
  • Kali can destroy an Armor Panel with her LV Lance.
  • Ace can break Armor Panels with his SELMAs.
  • Flores can destroy Armor Panels with his RCE-RATERO Drones


Armor Panel.png
  • Armor Panel x 4
    UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel
"Sets bulletproof barricades, more resistant than standard ones."
— UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel Description

Working with FBI SWAT, Campbell was in the middle of a hostage extraction when he became cornered in a small outbuilding. The dilapidated structure lacked a door. Utilizing what was available to him, Campbell fashioned a crude blockade with a discarded blanket and a staple gun he found in the shed. This allowed him to limit the line of sight to the building and remain concealed until backup took out the pursuing hostiles. This experience inspired the creation of the UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel, a lightweight barricade that has been successfully utilized in FBI SWAT operations since its implementation in 2013.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel
Operator: Specialist Miles "Castle" Campbell
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Miles "Castle" Campbell

Simple and sweet, that's how I like it. When I first joined Rainbow, the techs started showing me all sorts of contraptions, but I wasn't going to be someone's guinea pig. Do you know how many times Bandit complained about getting shocked or Maverick sucked on his fingers because the torch ran too hot? From what I understand, my Universal Panels are unique because they use nucleation which allows the carbon nanotubes to guide polymers into longer chains. This makes for even stronger panels, the kind of toughness that Kevlar can't approach*. And I'm fine with that. All these nanotubes make for a lighter load. Just roll them down, nail them into place, and we're ready to throw down. Better than those heavy-ass deployable shields.

*I had to memorize that part so I could recite it to Specialist Chul Kyung "Vigil" Hwa in Korean.

- Specialist Miles "Castle" Campbell


Castle's Quotes
  • "Amateurs."
  • "Cut the chatter."
  • "Everybody stay focused."
  • "Keep it cool."
  • "Keep the comms clear."
  • "Keep it nice and smooth, just like we practiced."
  • "The best offense is a bulletproof defense."
Setting Deployable Shield
  • "Mobile cover deployed."
  • "Shield deployed."
Throwing Impact Grenade
  • "Frag grenade out!"
  • "Throwing frag grenade."
  • "Beefed up the floor here."
  • "Deploy reinforcement complete!"
  • "Floor reinforced."
  • "I've reinforced the wall."
  • "I've reinforced the floor."
  • "Reinforced the wall."
  • "Wall fortified!"
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Barricade up!"
  • "Door barricaded."
  • "Door barricade deployed."
  • "Door secured."
  • "Doorway barricaded."
  • "Doorway secured."
  • "Window blocked."
  • "Window secure."
  • "I'm dry."
  • "Loading mag."
  • "Swapping mags."
No More Ammunition
  • "Need ammo!"
  • "Need some ammo!"
  • "No more mags."
  • "I'll patch you up."
  • "You're going to be okay."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on Blue, don't shoot!"
  • "Friendly!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Tangoes are reloading!"
  • "They're changing mags!"
  • "They're swapping mags!"
  • "They're reloading!"


  • Castle studies languages as a hobby, being able to speak Latin, Spanish, and Korean.[2]
  • Castle's operator video shows him using an SG-CQB, which is neither something he can equip nor a part of his CTU.
  • His beta badge depicted an inverted Valknut, meaning "Warrior's Knot." It's a symbol rooted in Norse Paganism, representing warriors that have fallen in battle. It's likely a reference to the shield wall tactic, where Castle's Unique Gadget revolves around protecting both his allies as well as himself.
  • Castle has two Operator artworks, featuring similar poses but at a different angle towards the camera. A more sideways one is found in-game, while a more front-facing one is found on the official site.
  • The armor panels are printed with the word "UHMWPE", which stands for Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a tough man-made material used in many heavy-duty applications.
  • Prior to the launch of the game, Castle's Armor Panels worked much closer to normal Barricades, as a section of the Panel could be punched out with melee, although requiring at least two hits to make such a hole. This contrasts with the current Armor Panels where melee hits alone cannot make holes in the Panels.
  • Coinciding with an in-joke that players started that Castle was an NFL player, Ubisoft apparently designed Castle to appear as if he was wearing football equipment, leading to the bulky shoulders and large helmet he wears. While his backstory makes his career in the NFL unlikely, it is very possible he played football in college.
  • Sometime before Operation Void Edge, Ubisoft hinted towards Castle receiving the Super Shorty secondary shotgun.
  • Castle's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1980, however this has since been removed..


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