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Castle Operator Video - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Castle Operator Video - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Miles "Castle" Campbell is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Campbell graduated from Cal State LA with a bachelor's degree in Science and Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD. After five years on the job, he was assigned to the LAPD SWAT team where he excelled at for three years before being transferred to the FBI. Campbell spent two years as an FBI field agent when his career had taken a natural progression as he was reassigned to the FBI SWAT team.[1]

Psychological Profile

Campbell has a knack for putting people at ease. He always appears comfortable regardless of the context. Campbell constantly strives to make sure that those around him are taken care of and feel safe, and is highly protective of people close to him.[2]

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Castle is equipped with his Universal Tactical Panels. These special barricades can be deployed on any door or window frame.

  • Castle carries three Armor Panels, which he can deploy in place of a normal wooden barricade for doorways and windows. The Armor Panels are completely bulletproof and are far tougher than normal barricades.
  • Castle's Armor Panels can be destroyed manually if hit with a melee attack 12 times.
  • This property can be used to anyone's advantage. By pre-hitting the Armor Panels 11 times, an Operator can then destroy it with one melee attack, giving a surprise to enemies behind it. If a Defender has any Impact Grenades on them, they can use them to instantly destroy his Armor Panels as well for the same tactic.
  • Operators cannot break holes in Armor Panels easily, restricting them from looking through any holes made.
  • Armor Panels take increased time for Defenders to pull off.
  • Any Armor Panel taken down by Defenders restores another one for Castle.
  • Like normal Barricades, Armor Panels placed on doorways are not fully enclosed at the bottom.
  • Like Reinforcements, shooting the actual Panel whilst it's being deployed will still block the bullets.


  • Sledge's Breaching Hammer and Ash's Breaching Rounds can also destroy them with ease.
  • Some weapons and gadgets can penetrate the Armor Panels:
  • Glaz's OTs-03 is able to penetrate through the Armored Panels, and well as completely destroy one in 12 shots.
  • Fuze's Cluster Charges can be deployed on Armor Panels and will punch out a rather sizable hole on the Armor Panel after being detonated.
  • Like Fuze, Ying's Candelas can also be deployed on Armor Panels, but the hole created is much smaller.
  • The 707th SMB's BOSG.12.2 can shoot out one layer out of the three layers that make up an Armor Panel. They can create a peek hole by shooting out all three layers. With enough damage, they can even completely destroy an Armor Panel.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Castle Badge New

Armor Panel x 3
UTP1 Universal Tactical Panel

"Sets bulletproof barricades, more resistant than standard ones."
— UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel Description

Working with FBI SWAT, Campbell was in the middle of a hostage extraction when he became cornered in a small outbuilding. The dilapidated structure lacked a door. Utilizing what was available to him, Campbell fashioned a crude blockade with a discarded blanket and a staple gun he found in the shed. This allowed him to limit the line of sight to the building and remain concealed until backup took out the pursuing hostiles. This experience inspired the creation of the UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel, a lightweight barricade that has been successfully utilized in FBI SWAT operations since its implementation in 2013.


Castle's Quotes
  • "Cut the chatter."
  • "Everybody stay focused."
  • "Keep it cool."
  • "Keep the comms clear."
  • "Keep it nice and smooth, just like we practiced."
  • "The best offense is a bulletproof defense."
Setting Deployable Shield
  • "Mobile cover deployed."
  • "Shield deployed."
Throwing Impact Grenade
  • "Frag grenade out!"
  • "Throwing frag grenade."
  • "Beefed up the floor here."
  • "Deploy reinforcement complete!"
  • "Floor reinforced."
  • "I've reinforced the wall."
  • "I've reinforced the floor."
  • "Reinforced the wall."
  • "Wall fortified!"
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Barricade up!"
  • "Door barricaded."
  • "Door barricade deployed."
  • "Door secured."
  • "Doorway barricaded."
  • "Doorway secured."
  • "Window blocked."
  • "Window secure."
  • "I'm dry."
  • "Loading mag."
  • "Swapping mags."
No More Ammunition
  • "Need ammo!"
  • "Need some ammo!"
  • "No more mags."
  • "I'll patch you up."
  • "You're going to be okay."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on Blue, don't shoot!"
  • "Friendly!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Tangoes are reloading!"
  • "They're changing mags!"
  • "They're swapping mags!"
  • "They're reloading!"


  • Castle studies languages as a hobby, being able to speak Latin, Spanish, and Korean.[3]
  • Castle's operator video shows him using an SG-CQB, which is neither something he can equip nor a part of his CTU.
  • His beta badge depicted an inverted Valknut, a symbol rooted in Germanic Paganism.
  • Castle has two Operator artworks, featuring similar poses but at a different angle towards the camera. A more sideways one is found in-game, while a more front-facing one is found on the official site.
  • The armor panels are printed with the word "UHMWPE", which stands for Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a tough man-made material used in many heavy-duty applications.
  • Prior to the launch of the game, Castle's Armor Panels worked much closer to normal Barricades, as a section of the Panel could be punched out with melee, although requiring at least two hits to make such a hole. This contrasts with the current Armor Panels where melee hits alone cannot make holes in the Panels.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile CASTLE-0

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile CASTLE-0

Patch Changes


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