Castle (R6 BA)
Location Milan, Italy
Date August 8, 2008
15:00 Hours
Objective Secure First Hostage
Rescue Zhilinski
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Ruins
Previous mission Nuclear Reactor
Castle is the sixth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


Vladimir Zhilinski, a former top scientist, was willing to sell some secrets to the highest bidder. He has worked on numerous secret projects involving weapons and items of that such. Zhilinski's associates were traced back to the assault on the Bulgarian Nuclear Plant, and were not happy with the results of the operations. Zhilinski gave them inside intel, but their mission was a failure. Apparently, they setup a meeting with the traitor at the Art Museum in Milan, and have kidnapped him. There is also another hostage inside the building. Numerous guards nailed the cameras before pictures could be taken, and the art museum was a former fortress (back in the day), so keep your head down.


Mission 6 Alpha

John Clark - Good work in Bulgaria, people. You saved a lot of lives there. Intel's been following up on your work and has come up with some interesting information. Take a good look at this man. He's Vladimir Zhilinski, a former top scientist at the fourth central scientific research institute. Now, he's a cab driver in Moscow, but he had some secrets he was getting ready to sell.

Mission 6 Bravo

Intel traced the blueprints the Bulgarian terrorists were using back to Zhilinski. Now it appears the people he's been selling to got cagey. They set up a meeting with him here, in Milan. This is the Castello Grande, a former palace turned into an art museum. It's a nice, public place for an ambush, and that's exactly what happened.

Mission 6 Charlie

The doctor showed up with a head full of schematics on Russian missile tech and promptly got grabbed. Museum security called in the alarm, but the terrorists won that firefight. Here's the last image we got out of the museum's security cameras. It's not pretty.

Mission 6 Delta

The last word we got from inside the museum is that Zhilinski's one of two hostages. There's another one. Most likely a tourist. Your primary objective is to liberate those two hostages. We cannot allow Zhilinski to be ferried out of the country. His knowledge is too valuable.

Mission 6 Echo

And now for the bad news. The terrorists have barricaded the castello and basically turned it back into a fortress. We don't have time for a siege, so you're going to have to go in instead. You will be inserting here. Keep an eye on those windows - they're perfect enemy snipe points.

Mission 6 Foxtrot

The castello's most famous attractions are its courtyards. This in one. Note the lovely statue. And try not to shoot it too many times. You're going to need to cross it, and there's no cover on that run. Watch for enemy fire from the balconies - they'll try to hit you high and low here.

Mission 6 Golf

We don't know exactly where the hostages are being held, so you're going to need to clear out the whole castello top to bottom. Remember, this place was designed as a fortress, so there will be lots of cover for enemies all the way through. Watch your back, gentlemen. I'll see you when you get out.

Mission success

John Clark - We took a gamble on this one. There's one tango we deliberately let go, in hopes he'd lead us to his friends. We'll use a combination of his movements and Zhilinski's testimony to see where to strike next.