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"I still can't believe John Brightling is behind all this. One of the reasons I went to work for Horizon was that it seemed so much more humane than other corporations. I never imagined my research would be twisted into something so horrible."
— Dr. Catherine Winston

Dr. Catherine Winston is a character that appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. She also appears in the retelling, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour and the remake, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. A research scientist for the Horizon Corporation, she is first seen being held as hostage by Hutu rebels in the level Cold Thunder, after being saved by Rainbow operatives she helps then as being a consultant to the agency and using her experience in microbiology to understand and research the virus created by the phoenix group, a terrorist group and major villains in the game.


Catherine Winston was born in Los Angeles, California in 1965. She joined the California Institute of Technology and graduated in Biology in 1985, after that she went to the Stanford University and got a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology in 1992. Her early work was centered on development of bioengineered "cocktails" for the treatment of drug- resistant strains of tuberculosis. For her work she was awarded with MacArthur fellowship in 1995. She was hired by the Horizon Corporation in 1996 and worked in their advanced research group. In 1998, Dr. Winston was sent to Congo, Africa to determine what was causing the sudden death of cattle in the region. By examining the afflicted cattle, she discovered the Ebola Brahma virus. For the next two years, Dr. Winston studied the virus and worked to find a cure.

Rainbow Six[]

On April 15th, 2000, Hutu Rebels attacked the Congo research facility and took Dr. Winston hostage. Rainbow was able to rescue her with Horizon CEO John Brightling serving as an advisor. Afterwards, Brightling loaned Dr. Winston out to act as an advisor to Rainbow at their headquarters in Hereford, England. A month later, Rainbow recovered Roland Kunst who stated that the American cell of the Phoenix Group had gotten their hands on a bioweapon and that they were operating out of a facility in Idaho. During the raid, Rainbow discovered that the terrorists had been tipped off by an unknown source and had transported the virus samples to a nearby airstrip. Despite this, Rainbow was able to recover the samples and sent them to their headquarters for Dr. Winston to analyze.

On September 19th, Dr. Winston discovered the virus samples were virtually identical to the ones she had examined in the Congo. Dr. Winston concluded that since the Horizon Corporation had possession of the only known samples of the virus, the Phoenix Group must have someone supplying it on the inside. She informed Anne Lang of this revelation and was told by Lang not to tell anyone as she handled it. Unfortunately, Lang is revealed to be the traitor and had the Phoenix Group kidnap Dr. Winston and recover the virus samples. Rainbow learned of her kidnapping and tracked her aboard The Orca's Smile. After being rescued by Rainbow, Dr. Winston informed them of Lang's treachery and Brightling's potential involvement.

On September 23rd, Rainbow bugged Lang's home in Alexandria, Virginia and was able to confirm that she was conspiring with Brightling to release the Ebola Braham virus. Rainbow raided the Horizon Corporation's headquarters in San Francisco on September 26th. Horizon's files revealed that the Phoenix Group had infiltrated Global Security and intended to release the virus at the closing ceremonies of the Sydney Summer Games. On October 1st, Rainbow was able to prevent the Phoenix Group from releasing the virus at the athletes' village in Sydney. With their plans foiled, Rainbow was able to locate and arrest Brightling and Lang and destroyed the remaining samples of the Ebola Brahma virus.


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