For the original version of the map, see Chalet (Rogue Spear).
"A shootout in an “après-ski” chalet in the French alps, this area contrasts the warm, cozy mood of its interiors with the cold, constrained visibility of its exteriors."
— Ubisoft Description

Chalet is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

The map is set to be reworked in the Year 5 Season 4 expansion.


  • 4 Attacker spawning locations
    • Front yard
    • Campfire
    • Cliffside
    • Lakeside
  • 4 Defender objective locations
    • Bomb
      • Master Bedroom and Office
      • Bar and Gaming Room
      • Wine Cellar and Snowmobile Room
      • Kitchen and Trophy Room
    • Secure Area
      • Library
      • Dining Room
      • Bar
      • Snowmobile Garage
    • Hostage
      • Master Bedroom
      • Library
      • Kitchen
      • Wine Cellar
    • 10 Trap doors

Map Layout

  • Basement
  • Ground
  • First Floor
  • Roof


This map is used in Situation 10: Heavily Fortified. In this you play as Thatcher, who is tasked with rescuing a hostage. The map plays out pretty similar to a regular Terrorist Hunt match, with a few small changes. First of all, there are no reinforced walls, like most other Situations. The amount of Nitro Cells are increased, similar to Situation 7. Due to this, Thatcher is given 5 EMP grenades instead of 3. There is also one terrorist who spawns in the Front Yard.

The hostage is located in the Master bedroom, and always uses the male model. The extraction zone is located on the helipad.


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