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"Anti-personnel mine."
— In-game description

The Claymore is a gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. They can be equipped by various Operators on the Attacking team and can be used as a counter against roaming Defenders.

After being deployed, the Claymore projects three visible laser tripwires from its front after a 1 second delay and emits a soft "beep" to signify it's been activated. The three lasers go up to a distance of 2 meters, with one firing from the center of the Claymore and the two others at 30 degrees to its side.

Claymore beams are low enough to go through barricaded doors and drone holes; they can also go through holes on destructible walls. Physical objects can block the lasers, allowing the Attacker to minimize a Claymore's visibility by blocking some of the lasers.

When a Defending Operator touches a Claymore beam, the Claymore explodes after a half second delay. The explosion is primarily directed forwards, inflicting damage in a 180 degree arc in front of the mine, but the explosion also deals full damage to players 1 meter behind the Claymore. Operators standing more than 1 meter behind the mine will be unharmed by the explosion. This allows attackers to place the Claymores very close to their own positions without the risk of harming themselves.

As of Operation Health, the damage dealt by a Claymore's explosion is exactly the same as that of a Frag Grenade in the game (142 points against Light Medium Armored Operators, 120 points against Medium Armored Operators & 105 points against Heavy Armored Operators). Full blast damage is dealt up to 2 meters distance and after that the damage drops off to zero at 6 meters.

This means that the only class that is able to survive a single blast without Armor Plates or an Over-heal are Heavy Armored Operators and even then, only if the Operator is at full health and towards the maximum range of the mine's proximity detonator. As with all explosives, shield Operators are able to partially withstand the blast (if they are facing towards it) and once an Operator picks up Rook Armor Plates, they will either survive the blast or, in the worst case, enter the "down but not out" state.


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Claymores emit a soft "puff" sound when destroyed, alerting the attacker to an approaching roaming Defender.

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