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"This map depicts an assault on a biker gang clubhouse. Featuring a full bar, gaming tables and leather furniture, this mixed interior/exterior layout offers a host of interesting tactical possibilities for both attacker and defender."
— Ubisoft Description

Clubhouse is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The interior of the map was reworked alongside the release of the Operation Para Bellum expansion. It is set to receive another minor rework in the Crystal Guard expansion.


  • 4 Attacker spawning locations
  • Main Gate
  • Shipping Dock
  • Warehouse
  • Construction Site
  • 4 Defender objective locations
  • Gym and Bedroom
  • CCTV Room and Cash Room
  • Bar and Stock Room
  • Church and Arsenal Room
  • Bedroom
  • Arsenal Room
  • Bar
  • Garage
  • Bedroom
  • Cash Room
  • Strip Club
  • Church
  • 8 Trap Doors

Map Layout[]


Club House is used in Situation 9: Improvise Defense. In this situation, Kapkan is defending a hostage located in the Church room, against three waves of White Masks. There are no Bombers, and there are fewer enemies per wave. Additionally, the hostage will use the unique Recruit model that appeared in Situation 6.


  • The map is based on the property owned by Hanover Hell's Angels president Frank Hanebuth, who was set upon by GSG9 operatives following allegations of various crimes, including prostitution, drug smuggling and even contract killings.  He was taken successfully by the German CTU operators and reports frequently say the GSG9 had shot a dog belonging to him, however the reason is relatively unknown.  
  • This map also has loose ties to GSG9 Operator Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier, according to his backstory, since he was undercover with the Hell's Angels for some time.