Colm Daniel Lomas, known by his alias as the Son of John Brown, is a character that appears in Covert Ops Essentials expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Colm Lomas is a mercenary with connections to organized crime on both sides of the Atlantic. The leader of a fundamentalist extremist militia, Lomas and others built the "Son of John Brown" alias. The militia emerged in 1996 in various letters to the editor and radio talk shows. The group regularly claimed that unless the US Government revealed the existence of extraterrestrials, violence would result.

Covert Ops EssentialsEdit

On April 15th, 2004, Lomas and his group followed through with their threats by trespassing at a missile silo in North Dakota. After removing the solid concrete blocks at the silo, the group opened fire on federal investigators. Lomas then threatened to detonate the silo's nuclear warhead unless the Government confirmed the existence of aliens.

The American government was desperate to avoid another armed standoff with disgruntled militiamen and tasked Rainbow with infiltrating the silo to avoid getting directly involved. Before the operation, Rainbow picked up an encrypted high-frequency carrier signal. It was discovered that Lomas and his group using the standoff to buy time in order to broadcast sensitive details about the silo outside the United States. Rainbow was able to successfully dispatch all of the militia, including Lomas, and stop the data broadcast.


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