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"We’ve interrupted our usual broadcast to report a “situation” of unprecedented magnitude! It seems an unknown life form settled itself at the French Consulate in Ivory Coast. A team of REACT agents were dispatched to neutralize the threat, but the presence of humanoid creatures ready to stop them raises the question of the unidentified entity’s purpose. Is it here for pure destruction… or to replace us all?"
— Event Description

Containment is a limited timed event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the North Star expansion. It is available from August 3rd, 2021 to August 24th, 2021.[1]

The Nest Neutralization gamemode, inspired by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, takes place on a Sprawl covered version of Consulate. Attackers are REACT operatives while the Defenders are Proteans, Archæans that have mutated to mimic the appearance of REACT operatives.


The Chimera parasite has spread to the French Consulate in the Ivory Coast. The authorities have set up a perimeter around the site and have kept the public away with reports of a gas leak. REACT Operatives have been sent to contain and neutralize the threat. To defend itself, the parasite has created humanoid creatures known as the Proteans. Time is of the essence as Operatives must destroy the nests and stop the spread of the parasite.


Containment Rules

Nest Neutralization is a specialized version of Bomb inspired by the gameplay of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. Taking place on a Sprawl covered Consulate, the main objective of the Attackers is to destroy the main armored Nest located at the foot of the main staircase. To do this, players must first locate and destroy two minor nests. Defenders are unable to use weapons or observation tools and may only use melee attacks. Despite this, Defenders are stronger and move quicker than the Attackers. Each Defender has 650 points of health and is capable of using Oryx's Remah Dash as well as Aruni's ability to punch large holes into walls.

Attackers are declared the winners once the main nest has been destroyed or all the Proteans have been neutralized. Defenders are declared the winners if time runs out or if all the Attackers have been killed.


The mode limits players to choosing between several REACT Operatives and 5 Proteans




Name Image Criteria Reward
Vigil Hive Mind Set
Hive Mind Reward.jpeg
Play 5 matches in the Containment Event. Vigil Set in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction


Alpha Packs[]

As with other events, Containment features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, Attachment Skin, and Charm that are themed around the event. There are 33 cosmetic items in the Containment Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

All players are awarded a free Alpha Pack for logging in for the first time during the event. Afterwards, packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Connect challenges or by purchase. Alpha Packs may be purchased with 12500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits.

Containment Collection[]


Aruni Mutated Specter Headgear.PNG Aruni
Mutated Specter
Mira Lethal Crud Headgear.PNG Mira
Lethal Crud
Jager Sawtooth Headgear.PNG Jager
Kaid Inhumna Headgear.PNG Kaid
Warden Atrocious Gunk Headgear.PNG Warden
Atrocious Gunk
Ace Lab Operative Headgear.PNG Ace
Lab Operative
Zero Inhalation Headgear.PNG Zero
Blackbeard Ambient Air Headgear.PNG Blackbeard
Ambient Air
Aruni Vapor Shield Headgear.PNG Amaru
Vapor Shield
IQ Breathing Zone Headgear.PNG IQ
Breathing Zone


Aruni Miscreation Uniform.PNG Aruni
Mira Monstrosity Uniform.PNG Mira
Jager Grotesque Brute Uniform.PNG Jager
Grotesque Brute
Kaid Ghastly Varmint Uniform.PNG Kaid
Ghastly Varmint
Warden Dreadful Figment Uniform.PNG Warden
Dreadful Figment
Ace Thermoplastics Uniform.PNG Ace
Zero Chimera Suppressor Uniform.PNG Zero
Chimera Suppressor
Blackbeard Serum Technician Uniform.PNG Blackbeard
Serum Technician
Amaru Frontliner Uniform.PNG Amaru
IQ Dispatched Uniform.PNG IQ

Weapon Skins[]

Breakdown 416-C Skin.PNG 416-C Carbine
Decaying MPX Skin.PNG MPX
Compromised Equipment MK17 CQB Skin.PNG MK17 CQB
Compromised Equipment
Anguish MK14 EBR Skin.PNG Mk 14 EBR
Putrescence Aug A3 Skin.PNG AUG A3
Corrupted Vector 45 ACP Skin.PNG Vector .45 ACP
Sentient Growth Universal Weapon Skin.PNG Universal
Sentient Growth
Anti-Resurgence 552 Commando Skin.PNG 552 Commando
Benchmark Model SC3000K Skin.PNG SC3000K
Benchmark Model
Modeled Hives G8A1 Skin.PNG G8A1
Modeled Hives
Thermoplastics AK12 Skin.PNG AK-12

Attachment Skin[]

Sentient Growth Universal Attachment Skin.PNG Universal
Sentient Growth


Antiparasitic Serum Charm.PNG Antiparasitic Serum

Operator Bundles[]

Players may purchase event cosmetics in bundles for each Operator featured in the event. Bundles cost 1680 R6S-credits-icon.png apiece.

Germination Bundle.PNG
  • Universal Sentient Growth Weapon Skin
  • Universal Sentient Growth Attachment Skin
  • Antiparasitic Serum Charm
Aruni Ravage Bundle.PNG
Mira Mutagenesis Bundle.PNG
Jager Megastasis Bundle.PNG
Kaid Overpowered Bundle.PNG
Warden Agony Bundle.PNG
Ace Pathology Bundle.PNG
  • Ace Lab Operative Headgear
  • Ace Thermoplastics Uniform
  • AK-12 Thermoplastics Weapon Skin
Zero Counterplan Bundle.PNG
Blackbeard Crisis Bundle.PNG
Amaru Salutary Bundle.PNG
IQ Neutralizer Bundle.PNG


  • The event was originally meant to complement the release date of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction which was set to release on September 16th, 2021 before it was delayed to January 2022.
  • The gamemode has been confirmed to be non-canon with the story of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.[2]