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For the map in Rogue Spear, see Convention Center (Rogue Spear).

Convention Center is a multiplayer map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.

Terrorist Hunt

Head to the double doors first, cause the spawn by touching the wall, then blast the 12 terrorists (count will read 18) in the hallway. Do not move far from the starting entrance. Head back to the stairs at the starting point and go up and out. At the food and display case landing, take the stairs to the right and follow it to the office area above the stage. Place the team to cover the entrance, and have yourself sit and cover the short hall and the ropes. Reduce the enemies to the single digits (generally around 4 to 6) and move out to the gaming room 2F. Send the team out first and mop up the remaining stragglers with alerted ease.


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