Curtis Luke is a character that appears in the Eagle Watch expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


Curtis Luke left China in 1975 due to political persuction. He received his B.A. in Mathematics at Marshall University and his Ph.D in Economics and Political Science at the University of New York in 1980. Luke than became a Professor of International Studies and Chinese Economic Affairs at Seattle Western Pacific University in 1981. He later published the book, "A Model of Wealth Accumulation of Agrarian China". He also co-authored the book, "Economic Development in the Historical Perspective". In the early 2000s, Luke was researching the political ramifications of ethnic diversity in China and the economic impact on its citizens.

Eagle WatchEdit

On April 4, 2001, Kang revolutionaries kidnapped international tourists at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Following a failed rescue attempt by the Chinese government, Rainbow was called to intervene. Curtis Luke was brought on to the rescue operation to serve as an advisor.

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