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Custom Game is a playlist creator available in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for all players. It allows players to create a playlist with its own set of rules, map rotation, etc. Due to the unofficial variations the playlist offers, matches do not reward Renown or XP.

Playlist Creation[]

Players must first select whether or not the custom game will be local or online with dedicated servers. Two playlist types are available: Normal and Tactical Realism. The following options are available for both playlist types.

  • Name - The Playlist name can be created
  • Maps - All maps in the game, aside from those from special events, can be chosen for the custom game. This includes maps that are no longer available in the Quick Match and Ranked playlists.
  • HUD Settings - Normal, Minimal, Pro League
  • Match settings - includes banning, number of rounds, role swap, friendly fire, etc.
  • Gamemodes - Hostage, Secure Area, Bomb
  • Gamemode settings
  • Custom game can then be saved in player's playlist along with other custom games for rotation.

Tactical Realism[]

Tactical Realism was a hardcore version of the original gamemode. The gamemode forces players to rely on communications and teamwork instead of the HUD.


Normal HUD

Tactical Realism HUD

  • Limited HUD (Heads Up Display)
  • Realistic Magazine Management for ammo
  • For guns that use magazines, a player starts with a fixed number of magazines, each fully filled with ammo.
  • Reloading the gun swaps to the next available magazine. If the current magazine is not empty, it is put back into the end of the magazine queue.
  • Kill confirmations removed.
  • Cannot mark enemies.
    Tactical Realism was removed from the game on May 3rd, 2021 in the Y6S1.3 update.