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"Light Machine Gun fed with a pan magazine, accurate in short to medium range. Its powerful 7.62x54 ammo makes it a highly destructive weapon."
— In-game Description

The RP-46 Degtyaryov, also known as the DP-27, is a light machine gun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It served as Tachanka's unique ability as a mounted LMG before it was reworked to be one of his primary weapon in Operation Shadow Legacy.[1]


The DP-27 is an available primary weapon for Tachanka. While its individual rounds deal heavy damage, its very slow fire rate for an automatic light machine gun is what holds it back. However, the gun makes for a good utility tool due to its highly destructive properties.

  • The LMG is fully-automatic with a very slow fire rate of 550 RPM.
  • The LMG holds 70 rounds and has 141 rounds in reserve. It deals a maximum of 49 damage per body shot. This means the LMG requires a minimum of 3 shots to take down any operator.
  • Because the gun is not mounted anymore, the LMG features more recoil that is adequate for an LMG.
  • Even compared to the pre-rework Mounted LMG, the new LMG has even more destructive capabilities.
    • It has as much penetration as a Marksman or Sniper Rifle, passing through an Operator's body without any reduction of how many walls it can pass through. Most LMGs will only have single penetration that stops the bullet when it lands on an Operator's body (can still penetrate limbs).
    • It can pierce four surfaces (two full walls) before stopping on the fifth.
    • Holes created on the first two surfaces the LMG hits will make distinctly large destruction holes (although not as large as holes made by shotgun pellets) when it hits a nearby soft wall. Even on further surfaces, it can break down parts of a Barricade.
    • The destruction is as follows:
      • 0 - 4.99m: 0.3m radius hole
      • 5 - 7.99m: 0.2m radius hole
      • 8+m: 0.2m radius hole after three shots
  • It has high enough destruction power to break through wooden supports, allowing it to destroy wall beams and hatch beams much like a shotgun. Specifically for hatches, the DP-27 can take out a hatch in no less than six well placed shots. For walls, this high destruction allows for easily made rotation holes.
  • The gun remains highly uncustomizable when it comes to attachments, only being able to attach and detach the only available sight it is given: a vintage 1x reflex scope.

The RP-46 can be used by both teammates and enemies once deployed. It features a frontal shield to protect from incoming fire at the user's head, it can be used to anchor a position and block off corridors or doorways with sustained fire.

  • The LMG has a rate of fire of 550 RPM, fully-automatic.
  • The LMG holds 60+1 rounds and has 179 rounds in reserve. It deals a maximum of 66 damage per body shot. This means the LMG can take down all armor types in two shots, if within proper range.
  • The LMG has above average environmental destruction capabilities, being able to penetrate through two surfaces with one shot and destroy portions of walls more than other guns.
  • Once deployed, the LMG can be used by anyone.
  • When unmanned, the LMG can be destroyed by gunfire.
  • On the LMG is a frontal shield that protects the user of the Mounted LMG from gunfire that is aimed at their shoulders or above. The shield can take 500 damage before being destroyed.
  • The mount has a turning limitation of a 60 degrees cone in all directions.
  • Aiming down sights on the LMG shows a tighter firing reticle. The user's view is not occluded, but turning of the gun is slowed.


  • High destruction/penetration
  • Capable of creating rotation holes
  • High magazine capacity
  • High damage per shot
  • Relatively low vertical recoil


  • Low rate of fire
  • Subpar horizontal recoil
  • Lacks attachments
  • Bulky pan magazine (reduces vision)

Weapon Attachments[]



  • The RP-46 in real life is a metallic belt-fed variant of the Degtyaryov machine gun, while its in-game form is modified to resemble the original Degtyaryov machine gun (DP-27), using a pan-shaped magazine, the original curved stock without a pistol grip, and no spring tube protruding from the rear of the receiver.
  • Tachanka used to refer to the weapon as "DP-28" or sometimes "D-28" when deploying it.
  • Prior to the rework, the in-game gun had an extra one in the chamber. This would have been impossible as the DP-27/28 in reality fires in an open bolt configuration. This error was shared with other guns with an open-bolt configuration.
    • The real DP-27/28's pan magazine only holds 47 rounds, not 70.
    • Prior to Tachanka's rework, the LMG's bolt did reciprocate in a closed-bolt fashion, which implied that Tachanka may have modified the gun to fire in a closed-bolt operation.
    • Post-rework, the gun now correctly operates with no extra one in the chamber. Instead the extra bullet has been added to the gun's reserve.
  • The DP-27 in game cannot have its attachments customized (post-rework), except for the option for a unique optic. Art concepts by concept designer Kit Grande reveal that a vintage version of the red dot and holo sights were planned, but did not make it to the live build. The purpose of these vintage sights were to provide "a more comfortable sight if the weapon was going to be used as a primary and all of the other sights didn't fit with the antique weapons collector narrative of Tachanka."
  • According to Kit Grande, the vintage look of the the DP-27's reflex sight was based off on some technology that were used around the end of WWII.[2]
  • The vintage sight was modeled and realized by weapon artist, Nahum Alonso.



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Patch Changes[]

  • Update 6.1.3; May 3, 2021 Patch: Reduced the equip time to 0.65s (from 0.9s); Reduced the unequip time to 0.3s (from 0.42s).