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"A mechanic dragged the crashed Soyuz capsule he found in the desert back to his junkyard here. And started the Outbreak."
— Description

Dam is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Truth or Consequences region.


Dam is composed of three subzones: Boyd's Junkyard, Military Camp, Hacienda.

Boyd's Junkyard[]

Military Camp[]


Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]

Boyd's Junkyard

Location Quote Image
Southwestern corner, inspect the space between the open gate doors. "This is where an auto mechanic named Boyd brought the wrecked soviet space capsule he found in the desert." - Ash Boyd's Junkyard DP 1 Map.jpeg
Boyd's Junkyard DP 1.jpeg
Central building, inspect the bloodstain on the ground between the red shelves. "Boyd underwent the first stages of the Parasite transformation right here. He was already past saving by then." - Ash Boyd's Junkyard DP 2 Map.jpeg
Boyd's Junkyard DP 2.jpeg
Extraction Zone, just around the corner to the south, look at the cube of metal covered in carapace. "Look at all the carapace! That's what years of growth at ground zero gets you." - Thermite Boyd's Junkyard DP 3 Map.jpeg
Boyd's Junkyard DP 3.jpeg
South east of Extraction Zone, look at the cube of metal. "This compression method is similar to how data clusters are processed aboard the Pioneer." - REACT INDEX Boyd's Junkyard DP 4 Map.jpeg
Boyd's Junkyard DP 4.jpeg
Inspect the Scan Grenade poster on the west wall of the Airlock between Boyd’s Junkyard and Hacienda. "Scan Grenades emit a pulse of energy that makes Archaeans actually resonate, outlining them on your HUD." - Mira Boyd's Junkyard DP 5 Map.jpeg
Boyd's Junkyard DP 5.jpeg


Location Quote Image
Eastern area, inspect the wine racks. "The lab guys say that wine should be okay since it's seated airtight, but you won't catch me risking it." - Thermite Hacienda DP 1 Map.jpeg
Hacienda DP 1.jpeg
Northwestern corner, air unit on boundary wall. "This automated air processing unit can decontaminate 2000 cubic tons of atmosphere a day." - REACT INDEX Hacienda DP 2 Map.jpeg
Hacienda DP 2.jpeg
Computer server located in the main building directly south of the extraction zone. "We put that server in during the Outbreak event. It's still running." - Mira Hacienda DP 3 Map.jpeg
Hacienda DP 3.jpeg
Arc Mine blueprints on table in the north clearing of the main building. "These high voltage little monsters stun Archaeans for a brief period. Lightning in a bottle." - Mira Hacienda DP 4 Map.jpeg
Hacienda DP 4.jpeg
Northeastern corner, look at the crank mechanism on top of the sealed well. "This well dates back to the 1600s. The rest of the Hacienda is relatively new, at only 150 years old." - Ash Hacienda DP 5 Map.jpeg
Hacienda DP 5.jpeg

Military Camp

Location Quote Image
Cases on shelf in northwestern building. "Generally we don't leave any ordinance lying around unsecured, but I don't think anybody will be stealing it." - Thermite Military Camp DP 1 Map.jpeg
Military Camp DP 1.jpeg
Northeastern building, inspect the Archaean pillar on the lower floor. "Sensors inside the capsule still send valuable data to REACT analysts." - REACT INDEX Military Camp DP 2 Map.jpeg
Military Camp DP 2.jpeg
Inspect carapace pillar coming from the ground outside the northeastern building. "There it is the Soyuz capsule that brought the Parasite. The carapace that surrounds it is relatively recent." - Mira Military Camp DP 3 Map.jpeg
Military Camp DP 3.jpeg
Look at the gurney/table to the east of the main Extraction Zone area. "Some patients were evacuated quickly but it came at a high cost for others." - Mira Military Camp DP 4 Map.jpeg
Military Camp DP 4.jpeg
REACT poster on Tormentors in the airlock between Military camp and Boyd's Junkyard "The Tormentor can quickly travel both through the sprawl and a normal soil matrix." - REACT INDEX Military Camp DP 5 Map.jpeg
Military Camp DP 5.jpeg


  • The Boyd's Junkyard subzone was first featured in the last mission of the Outbreak event.