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Daniel E. Murray is a character that appears in Rainbow Six. A friend of John Clark, he served as the Director of the FBI in 1999.


Rainbow SixEdit

During their transport to the new Rainbow headquarters at Hereford Base, England, Clark, Alistair Stanley, and Domingo Chavez stopped a United Airlines hijacking. Clark then contacted Murray over the cockpit radio to brief him on the situation.

A few weeks later, Murray and his wife Liz attended a committee meeting led by John Brightling. During Brightling's speech, Murray was called by FBI agent Gorden Sinclair from the Watch Center. Sinclair briefed Murray of Rainbow's successful handling of a hostage situation in Bern Switzerland that was led by German terrorist Ernst Model. Sinclair also told Murray that they were working on identifying two of the terrorists that were killed. Murray was relieved of Rainbow's first successful deployment and told Sinclair to have Rainbow send a report of the incident before he rejoined his wife at the conference.


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