Daniel Bogart
Daniel Bogart
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born October 12, 1954
Birth place Keokuk, Iowa,
United States
Family Father
Two brothers
Two children
Affiliation(s) FBI F.B.I.
Occupation Rainbow operative
Identification number RTC0047-A1109
Specialty Assault
Appearances Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
Physical description
Height 188 centimeters
Weight 82 kilograms
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Daniel Bogart is an American Rainbow operative.


Born in Keokuk, Iowa, USA. Father is a local deputy sheriff, mother a homemaker. Two brothers. Attended University of Iowa on a track & field scholarship, 1972–76. Graduated with honors with a degree in law enforcement. Worked for three years as a patrolman in Keokuk police department. Hired in 1980 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Member of FBI Hostage Rescue Team 1987–97. Married since 1979. Wife and two teen-age children live in Maine, USA.

Bogart is an excellent team lead. He has exceptional tactical skills and situational awareness from his years with HRT. Extremely cool under fire, he is also a crack shot, having won several marksmanship awards during his tenure at the FBI. His low-key demeanor and laconic sense of humor have made him a well-liked member of the RAINBOW team.