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Chavez: "How's your luck Colonel?"
Malloy: "Excellent, sonny, excellent. And you can call me Bear."

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel "Bear" Malloy is a character that appears in the Rainbow Six novel and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown.


Lieutenant Colonel Malloy is a pilot for the United States Marine Corps. At some point, Malloy met and married a civilian named Frances née Hutchins who worked as a nurse for the US Navy. The couple eventually conceived two daughters.

Malloy became involved in dozens of Special Forces operations in several countries such as Grenada, Lebanon, and Somalia and took part in the Gulf War. For his efforts, he received several distinguished awards but was passed over for a promotion to a full-bird Colonel.

Rainbow SixEdit

Following the risky rescue of Erwin Ostermann and his staff in Vienna, Austria, Rainbow Commander John Clark contacted CIA director Ed Foley and requested that he supply Rainbow with a helicopter pilot. Foley agreed and had USSOCOM Commander Sam Wilson transfer Malloy and his family to Hereford Base, England.

After Clark and Domingo Chavez met Malloy at the airport, he was given a tour of Rainbow's facilities. Clark then had Malloy conduct several exercises as a test of his skill. While he passed with flying colors, Malloy suggested to Clark that they secure a permanent helicopter for him to train with and use for operations. Clark contacted General Sam Wilson over the matter and was able to get the 1st Special Operations Wing to loan a MH-60K Night Hawk helicopter to Rainbow along with its pilot, Harrison. Despite technically being in charge of the helicopter, Harrison became Malloy's copilot.

Malloy's first operation with Rainbow concerned a hostage situation in the Spanish amusement park.


In 2009, Malloy transported Rainbow Operators Domingo Chavez, Louis Loiselle, Renee Raymond, Ayana Yacoby to Pretoria, South Africa in order to rescue South African President Yared Mbelu who had been taken hostage by rebels. After rescuing Mbelu and his aid, Malloy extracted Rainbow from the site.



  • Malloy had 6,742 flying hours at the time of his transfer to Rainbow in 1999
  • 3,100 hours were dedicated to special operations
  • 500 hours were dedicated to combat time
  • 700 hours had been accomplished in the MH-60K Night Hawk
  • Malloy is officially trained to fly the MH-60K Night Hawk, H-60, and H-53 helicopters. Malloy states that he is only aloud to stay current on three helicopters at any time but is also able to fly a Huey and MH-47 Chinook.
  • Malloy is an avid piano player. He believes that he flys better by playing piano before each flight.
  • For luck, Malloy wears a yellow A-10 scarf that he was given by someone he had rescued in Kuwait
  • Malloy's two daughters are age ten and eight.
  • Malloy's personnel file states that has a Distinguished Flying Cross with two repeat clusters along with a Silver Star.
  • In Lockdown, Malloy's first name is stated to be Bill.
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