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"The City of Sin is embodied in Dante's Hotel and Casino, which reaches out to a more adult audience with its gothic theme. Its opening is planned for the end of the year."
— Loading Screen

Dante's Casino is the fifth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. The multiplayer version of the map is also called Dante's Casino.


Scenes Objective
Hell's Gate Locate Gabriel and Kan.
Gabe Rescue Gabriel in the arcade.
Kan Reach Kan in the construction site.
Data Hub Extract info from the terrorist data hub. Extract to chopper.


Scenes Briefing Objective Debriefing
Hell's Gate Rainbow learned that the terrorists are using Dante's casino as their headquarters to coordinate their assault on Las Vegas. Take back the casino. Take control of Dante's casino. Rainbow successfully took control of the east wing of Dante's casino and are now ready to move deeper inside the lion's den.
Construction Yard Rainbow needs to go deeper inside the hellish casino to smash the terrorists' headquarters. Continue assaulting the casino and make your way deeper inside hell. Rainbow is knee deep in the terrorists' headquarters and need to disable the enemy communications hub, which will cripple the terrorists' coordination.
Dante's Theatre Rainbow must locate and hack the terrorists' communications hub to smash their coordination and unveil their ultimate plans. Hack the terrorist's communication hub. Assaulting Dante's casino has put a stop to the terrorist attack on Las Vegas and has also unveiled the real purpose of the attack: a devastating strike on the Nevada dam.


Rainbow is dispatched to Dante’s Casino, still under construction, and clears the roof. During this roof clearing, a bell in the tower falls, causing tremendous damage and a fire in the lower floors. In Dante's Arcade, the team finds and frees Gabriel Nowak, who is extracted despite his insistence that he fights alongside the squad. While searching the construction area, Rainbow finds Kan Akahashi engaged in a firefight, who is fatally shot in an attempt to warn the team about an ambush before the team can reach him. Dying, Kan reveals that the attack in Las Vegas is a distraction, and Irena Morales' terrorists are planning a far bigger attack. Although Logan Keller and his team attempt to save him, Kan dies in his arms.

The team proceeds to the theater to hack a terrorist server. Irena's target is revealed to be the Nevada Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Colorado River. Rainbow then heads to the roof and extracts.