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David Peled is a character that appears in Rainbow Six.


David Peled is a member of the Israelian intelligence agency, Mossad under Avi ben Jakob. Marveled as a genius with electronics and surveillance systems, Peled worked with the SAS on and off for over a decade. He eventually grew to have contacts in every electronics corporation from San Jose to Taiwan.

Rainbow SixEdit

In 1999, Jakob assigned Peled to be the Technical Staff lead of the newly formed Rainbow. This was done in order for Mossad to win allies and prestige in the intelligence community and for him to feed information back to Avi ben Jakob, whom John Clark was acquainted with.

During the first staff meeting between Rainbow Staff, Clark asked Peled the status of his section. Peled stated that things were coming along nicely but that he would need three to five weeks to finish setting up, much to Clark's annoyance. Peled explained that this was due to the fact that some of their equipment would have to be custom made.


Clark describes David Peled to be tall, skinny man with hollow cheeks and short brown hair. He also compares him to looking like a fifteenth century Dominican priest from an El Greco painting.

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