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Decontamination is a mission objective featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It involves destroying green Aberrant Nests in order to open up the Malignant Neoplasm to take a sample with the REACT Blade.


Players must first locate Aberrant Nests. On solo, five nest must be destroyed to open up the Neoplasm. When playing with other players, fifteen nests must be destroyed.

Nests, as well as the Neoplasm itself, will release toxic gas which will obscure vision and damage the player over time. Nests release the gas when destroyed by any means other than takedown. The Neoplasm will release the gas if approached before all Aberrant Nests are destroyed. Destroying one nest will alert all other Aberrant Nests and all normal Nests in the subzone. This will cause them to immediately spawn enemies to attack players. It is important to destroy all nests as soon as possible, or players will risk being overrun by enemies. On higher difficulties, high level enemies such as the Tormentor or Smasher will spawn out of aberrant nests. It is advised to remove all Sprawl from the area and barricade or reinforce windows and doors before destroying the first nest to make enemy crowd control easier. When a sample is taken, the Malignant Neoplasm will shrivel up and dissolve, along with a large area of sprawl near the Neoplasm.