"Deployable crouch-height cover that blocks all weapon damage."
— In-game description

The Deployable Shield is a Defender-exclusive equipment found in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The Deployable Shield is a collapsible waist-high buletproof metal shield that can be placed by Defenders to create additional cover.

Tiny bulletproof window slits are built into the Deployable Shield, allowing both sides to see through the Shield. Players directly behind the Shield get a much larger vision advantage, though Stun Grenades will also disorient those who saw the flash through the windows.

Deployable Shields snap to adjacent walls and doorways when deploying. In the case of doorways, the Shields block an entire standard-width doorway completely. They provide more solid cover than the wooden Barricades, and forces Attackers to vault over them or destroy them with explosives. Oddly enough however, two cannot be placed side by side in a double width doorway, unless they are placed simultaneously on each side by two separate Defenders.

Deployable Shields are bulletproof, but not explosive proof, and will be instantly destroyed by explosions. Explosive gadgets include:

Aside from explosive gadgets, shields can also be destroyed by the following gadgets:

Standing on top of a Shield will instantly destroy the shield; this is a measure to prevent players from using Shields as a platform to stand on, as the top of the Shield contains a very thin platform that could be vaulted onto from the side and stood on.

The undeployed shield carried in the hand can still block bullets and melee attacks, albeit at an impractically small level.

Goyo carries an explosive version of the Shield.


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