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"Deployable crouch-height cover that blocks all weapon damage."
— In-game description

The Deployable Shield is a waist-high piece of equipment that can be placed by Defenders. When placed in a suitable area it acts like an additional wall, protecting the person behind from bullets and explosives. It can also be used to obstruct doorways and entrances, slowing the Attackers down and giving more protection than a normal Barricade.

Unfortunately, this protection works both ways. The shield blocks the field of view for the Operator behind it, forcing them to either stand up or tilt to one side to see. While this will present a smaller target to the enemy, it will lead to instant kills for any bullets that do hit.

The undeployed shield carried in the hand can still block bullets and melee attacks, albeit at an impractically small level. Keep in mind they will be destroyed by explosives.

Shields can also be deployed perpendicular to single-width windows to prevent attackers from vaulting in. However, this also prevents defenders from replacing destroyed barricades, and from vaulting out themselves.

While shields are durable, they can be destroyed by Nomad's Airjab grenade. More specifically, the defenders launched from them.

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