Descending Crown is the seventh mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - A branch of former KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) soldiers sustained by organized crime, have taken some U.N. blue-helmet peacekeepers hostage. The U.N. group was led by Lt. Major J. Ramsey. The captors are asking for the liberation of Bekim Kerushi, a drug lord imprisoned in Tirana and under the custody of both Albanian police and Interpol.

Your mission is to infiltrate the city district, locate the hostages and rescue them.


John Clark - Exercise maximum caution team. These guys are KLA irregulars, probably armed with Russian weapons and well trained. Taking the UN head-on is a bold move. These troops are determined, so expect severe resistance.

The situation in the region is just now becoming stable and NATO wants to avoid tensions flaring. This operation must be kept totally secret, so they've asked us to take care of it.

Mission success

John Clark - The operation is still ongoing, get ready for a new briefing.

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