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The D. Eagle is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. The weapon is available in both .357 and .50 calibers, just like in Rogue Spear. The weapon is named the D. Eagle .50 and D. Eagle .357 in the caliber respectively.

D. Eagle .50[]

his version of the Desert Eagle is arguably the most powerful pistol in the game, mainly due to it's high damage and mediocre accuracy. However, it suffers from poor recovery and low clip size, the latter of which is shared with .357 version.

  • The Desert Eagle (.50) is by far the most powerful pistol, if not the most powerful sidearm in the entire game, in terms of direct damage. It's accuracy is also fairly good when the player is stationary, which is only hindered by it's poor recovery rate and range.
  • There isn't usually any reason to extend the clip size of the weapon unless stealth is competely disregarded in favour of direct combat, since the weapon can take down most enemies in one or two shots even when silenced.
  • It's a good idea to "double-tap" (manually rapid-fire two shots, one after the other) when firing at an enemy who is more than twelve to fifteen meters away, unless you are almost certain that you will land a headshot on the target.

D. Eagle .357[]

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