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".50 caliber pistol, short to medium range hand gun with heavy stopping power and penetration."
— In-game description

The D-50 is a handgun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced in the Operation Dust Line expansion and is available for use by both Navy SEALs Operators and Nøkk.[1][2]


A devastating handgun, each shot delivers a huge punch to any operators unlucky enough to be on its receiving end. Landing just two hits during CQC on all armor types are enough to kill them outright. The strong recoil and iron sights, however, limit its usage to close-range encounters.

The weapon also has soft destruction capabilities and can be used to make small holes. This trait is especially useful to Valkyrie, who can establish lines of sight for her cameras.

The Muzzle Brake is an extremely helpful attachment for the D-50, as it lowers the aggressive recoil kick by nearly half.


  • High single shot damage
  • High destruction/penetration


  • High recoil kick per shot
  • Low magazine capacity
  • Low reserve ammo

Weapon Attachments[]

Under Barrel



Reload (Blackbeard & Valkyrie)[]

Reload (Nøkk)[]

Reload (Golden Gun)[]



  • Interestingly enough, the D-50 has a different firing sound when playing as Blackbeard or Valkyrie compared to spectating either of them in-game. This bizarre trait is shared with the Super 90 and the P12.
  • This designation used for the Desert Eagle is also used in two other Ubisoft video game franchises (albeit without a dash): Far Cry and Watch Dogs.
  • The most recent model for the D-50 lacks slide serrations.
  • The D-50 is the only available weapon in the limited-time Golden Gun gamemode.
  • Nøkk's reload animations for the D-50 are different from Blackbeard and Valkyrie's. She reloads the weapon in a more linear and uninterrupted way.

Patch Changes[]