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For the version of the character that appears in the video games series, see Dieter Weber (Video Game).

Dieter Weber is a Rainbow operative that appears in the Rainbow Six novel.


Dieter Weber was born in Munich, Germany on July 9, 1971. His father, a widower, was an iron-worker. Weber later enlisted in the German Army as a parachuter and graduated the Army's Bergführer, or Mountain Leader school, one of the physically toughest schools in the world. Weber later joined the German GSG 9 counter terrorism team.

Rainbow SixEdit

In 1999, Weber was transferred to the newly formed Rainbow counter-terrorism unit. He was stationed at Hereford Base in England and was placed on Team 2 under Domingo Chavez. He and his new teammates conducted various training exercises in order to prepare for their first mission.

Three weeks later, a hostage situation erupted at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland after what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong. Following the execution of a hostage, the official order came down for Rainbow to handle the situation. Upon touching down at the airport, Team 2 was met by Marius Roebling who gave them a brief overview of the situation. Afterward, Team 2 geared up and disguised themselves as Swiss Police and traveled to the situation. After Eddie Price questioned Hans Richter, Ernst Model and Erwin Guttenach were identified as two of the terrorists inside the bank. Weber and Homer Johnston then perched themselves around the bank to provide sniper overwatch. Due to the layout of the building, Weber and Johnston were unable to see inside the bank, forcing Tim Noonan to plant surveillance cameras around the outside of the building.

A short time later, Noonan's surveillance cameras revealed that the building could only be entered through the front and rear doors. Chavez's plan called for Scotty McTyler and Paddy Connolly to breach from the rear. A second later, Chavez and Price would breach the front left door while Louis Loiselle and George Tomlinson would breach the front right door as the terrorists were facing the wrong way. Weber and Johnston would continue to provide sniper support from their perches while Julio Vega would be on standby with his machine gun incase the raid went south. Shortly thereafter, Model made his final threat to kill another hostage in thirty minutes should his demand for airport transport not be met. Once Model's deadline expired, Chavez signaled Team 2 to breach as they had planned. Model and the other terrorists were killed in the ensuing raid. Their mission a success, Team 2 packed up their gear and returned to Hereford Base for the after-action report.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Weber is fluent in German and English, to the point that Chavez noted his English to be better than his own. His marksmanship is only matched by a few members on the team such as Homer Johnston. He spends his free time hunting with Johnston, working out with Price, and practicing Taekwondo.


  • Weber's weapon of choice is a Walther WA2000 chambered for the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.
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