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Dimitriy Arkadyevich Popov is a character that appears in Rainbow Six.


Popov is the son of a tank commander who served in the Red Army and took part in the Battle of Stalingrad and Kursuk campaign during World War II. Popov would later follow his father's footsteps and commission into the Red Army. He later joined the KGB as a member of the CPSU and held the rank of Colonel. His open-book and forthright personality ultimately led to the termination of his promotion to Major General. As a field intelligence officer, Popov conducted espionage in several countries and acquired specialized skills including negotiation tactics. While he assisted several party members under the direction of his government, another aspect of his job was to deliver special messages. During the final years of the Cold War, Popov began to feel tired of his modest lifestyle. He contemplated defection but did not want the ordinary life that would follow.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Popov began scouting around for opportunities to enter the world of capitalism. In a chance meeting, Popov met John Brightling at a café in Paris. Brightling deduced Popov's former occupation after questioning him about business and Russia. Intrigued, Brightling flew Popov to America to serve as a security consultant for the Horizon Corporation. At some point, Brightling asked Popov if he could contact his former party members to offer them "work". Popov stated that he could should there be a reason for it. Afterwards, Brightling granted Popov a $100K salary as a special consultant.

Ten months later in 1999, Brightling doubled his salary and tasked Popov to orchestrate several terrorist attacks across the globe. Brightling neglected to inform Popov that the purpose of these attacks would be to raise terrorism awareness and help Bill Henriksen's security firm, Global Security, land a contract during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Additionally, Brightling and Henriksen planned to release the Shiva Virus at the games in order to wipe out the majority of the human population. Nevertheless, Popov accepted the jobs.

The first terrorist incident Popov orchestrated was a hostage situation at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland. Popov paid Ernst Model and his crew $600K in D-marks to take hostages at the bank under the guise of a botched bank robbery. Popov watched the scene unfold from a nearby crowd of onlookers. As Rainbow Team 2 arrived onsite as disguised Swiss Police, Popov watched the raid unfold from a nearby crowd of onlookers. Unsurprised by Model's failure to escape, Popev made his way to Model's hideout to recover his money. Upon reaching it, he found a young man named Fabian, presumed to be Model's lover, and executed him.

Popov later returned to America and reported back to Brightling. He lied to Brightling about recovering the money though his employer did not mind, stating that it was only a "trivial sum". Brightling then tasked Popov to orchestrate another terrorist incident. To do this, Popov hired Hans Fürchtner and Petra Dortmund to take Austrian financier Erwin Ostermann and his staff hostage at Ostermann's home outside of Vienna, Austria in order to obtain "special access codes". Popov was fully aware that the codes did not exist. He monitored the situation as Rainbow dispatched Fürchtner and Dortmund and rescued the hostages.

Popov returned to New York City and reported back to Brightling. He questioned Brightling on what the true purpose was for orchestrating these attack, only to be told that he did not need to be told at this time. Undeterred, Popov departed Brighting's office and went to a nearby library to dig up information on his employer. He was unable to find anything substantial on Brightling's personal life except that he had been married to Carol Brightling. He continued to research Brightling on the internet still could not find anything that tied Brightling to terrorism.

Following the hostage situation at World Park, Popov deduced the existence of a new international counter-terrorism unit. By comparing footage from World Park to that of the Bern and Vienna terrorist incidents, Popov noticed that each showed a team member with the same build, body language, and clothing smoking a pipe. Popov informed Brightling of this new international team and argued that he would need to know more about Brightling's plans in order to successfully counteract the team. Brightling agreed and told Popov that he would consider his request.

Brightling and Henriksen later informed Popov that the new counter-terrorism unit was known as Rainbow. Additionally, they had learned that it was based in Hereford, England and was led by John Clark. In order to discourage Rainbow from being deployed to the Sydney Summer Games, Brightling tasked Popov with traveling to Hereford to gather more information on Rainbow and orchestrate another attack. After arriving in England, Popov traveled to a local pub outside of Hereford Base and learned from a local working on the base that Clark's wife, Sandra O'Toole, was a nurse at the local hospital. Popov then directed Sean Grady of the Provisional Irish Republican Army to raid the hospital and kidnap Sandra and her daughter Patricia Clark.

Rainbow managed to rescue the women and captured several terrorists for interrogation. With his plan failed and involvement revealed through interrogations, Popov was kept hidden at Horizon's secret base in Kansas. Popov was later appalled to learn of Brightling's plan to wipe out humanity. He proceeded to escape the compound and contacted John Clark to inform him of Brightling's plan.


  • Popov is highly fluent in English, French, and Czech
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