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"You have a better option on the table? Because we're barely containing this. And I hope you have a solution that doesn't involve a nuclear response?"
— Doc to Ash

Gustave "Doc" Kateb is a REACT Operator appearing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked by default.


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In February 2018, a mysterious alien Parasite dubbed the "Chimera virus" was unleashed on the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Over the next ten days, the parasite infected the majority of the town's population though government officials were able to successfully contain it for the time being. Those infected by the parasite began to be known as "Roaches". At the request of Eliza "Ash" Cohen, Aurelia "Six" Arnot sent Doc, Jordan "Thermite" Trace, and Alexsandr "Tachanka" Senaviev to meet Ash at a command center outside of the city and initiate Operation Chimera.

Ash was on a video call with Doc when Thermite and Tachanka arrived at her command center. Doc showed them an infected severed arm and displayed how the parasite mutated to "create monsters". Afterwards, Doc participated in several missions within the town such as the destruction of nests at the town's Sierra Paradose resort

Doc later arrived at the command center in person to discuss Dr. Ellen Mackintosh who was trapped in the town's hospital. Rainbow was aware that Mackintosh had taken samples of Boyd Brooks' blood following his infection and was trying to develop a cure before the hospital was overrun. This led Doc to theorize that she had been successful in her efforts and that she should be rescued. He then stressed that a cure would allow him to stop working in a tent surrounded with explosives. Ash told him that he could not afford to be a humanitarian in their current situation. Doc then asked Ash if she had a better option as they were barely containing the outbreak as it is. He also told her that he had overheard talk of detonating a nuclear bomb on the town and hoped she had a better solution. Ash conceded and approved a mission to rescue Mackintosh.

Rainbow was able to save Dr. Mackintosh from the hospital's serology lab and recover her research and Boyd's blood samples. Afterwards, Doc helped secure and the Soviet capsule where the Parasite originated which allowed Marius "Jäger" Streicher to extract it back to base with an Osprey. Despite their efforts, Mackintosh was ultimately unable to create a cure and the town was unable to be saved.

Over the next few years, the Parasite broke containment and evolved, spreading to other areas in the United States, notably New York City, San Francisco, and Alaska. New containment zones were subsequently established around afflicted areas. As an invaluable asset in containing the Parasite in N.M., Doc was added to the REACT roster the moment the new threat appeared. Since then he has helped conduct various missions to gather information to stop the Archæans. At an unspecified point, Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa was captured by the Archæans. Following Hibana's rescue, Doc was aboard the extraction helicopter and treated her.

Psychological Profile[]

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Doc understands that in combat, the best medicine is often fire . Kateb's expertise in toxicology and ecotoxicology will be vital in studying the Chimera organism. (Added value - High)

Speculating: Kateb's interest in the Chimera stems not only from a drive to save people from the organism, but to study the organism to improve human life. Requires confirmation. (INSERT: E. Cohen - It may be subjective, but I would definitely confirm this.)

Kateb's respect of REACT Head of Mission (E. Cohen) was the determining factor in his opting to join. Probability High. (Cross-ref: G. Kateb REACT screening interview - "She has helped me come to terms with certain paradoxes of what we do.")

Gameplay Description[]

  • SG-CQB
  • MP5 (Level 3)
    Submachine Gun
  • P90 (Level 6)
    Submachine Gun
  • HK417 (Level 9)
    Marksman Rifle
Gadget REACT Stim Pistol.png

Stim Pistol

A Heavy Armored Operator, Doc's Unique Gadget is the MPD-0 Stim Pistol. It is able to heal himself or a teammate from afar. It can also be used to revive a teammate in DBNO. This makes Doc a highly valued Operator to have on higher difficulties where medkits are scarce and enemies are unforgiving, or highly effective on lone wolf assignments if he has a way to prevent being KOed on repeated returns to DBNO.

The Stim Pistol initially has three shots and boosts 15 health to any Operator that Doc hits with it. It will not restore lost health but will grant a temporary Health Boost up to 200 HP, ticking down periodically until the Operator is left only with their actual remaining Health. At Operator level 2, its Health Boost will be increased to 20 HP. At Operator level 7, the Stim Pistol's Health Boost is increased to 25 and its shot count is increased to four. Finally at Operator level 10, Health Boost is further increased to 30 and its shot count is increased to five.

  • The Stim Pistol can revive any downed Operators from afar with a single shot.
  • If used to revive an Operator, it will revive them to 5 Health + 70 Boost, compared to a manual revive's 5+45. (If an Operator has a bonus to Health Boost when they're revived, will it apply? Needs testing)
  • In terms of health picking up an operator and then using a Stim on them would give 15 health less.
  • The revive process for the Stim Pistol is also shorter than a standard revive, taking only 2.75 seconds, compared to the regular revive time of 4 seconds.
  • When in hand, the action button (PS: R1; XBOX: RB; PC: MMB) allows Doc to use the Pistol on himself, healing himself or even reviving himself if downed.
  • Pressing the action button again does not holster the Stim Pistol back to whatever gun Doc had switched out with. Meaning, he has to switch with the other action button (PS: △; XBOX ONE: Y; PC: 1 (Primary) or 2 (Secondary)) to avoid accidentally using the Stim Pistol on himself.
  • Unlike other guns, the Stim Pistol's shots have a short travel time, though they do not have projectile drop.
  • The Stim Pistol shots can travel through bullet holes in walls.
  • The Stim Pistol also has pinpoint hip fire accuracy, thus not requiring to aim down sight to make accurate hits.
  • The Stim Pistol can heal a player carrying an MIA operator.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Stim Pistol.png
Health Shots Fires his Stim Pistol to heal 15 health or revive himself or his teammates when downed. N/A
Stim Pistol.png
Efficacy Health boost increased to 20. Headgear: HZ-Tarp
3 Arsenal update Gains access to the MP5 sub machine gun and the LFP586 handgun. N/A
Speed II Movement speed increased by 15%. N/A
Healthy Hand.png
Stronger recovery You revive with an additional 30 health boost. Uniform: HZ-Tarp
6 Arsenal update Gains access to the P90 sub machine gun. N/A
Stim Pistol.png
Potency Health boost increased to 25. Shot count increased to 4. Uninform: Status Symbol
8 Armor IV Incoming damage reduced by 30%. N/A
9 Arsenal update Gains access to the HK417 marksman rifle. N/A
Stim Pistol.png
Stabilize Health boost increased to 30. Shot count increased to 5. Headgear: Status Symbol


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Doc's Quotes
  • "The problem will only get worse if we don't act. So we do what we must."
  • "You call it killing. I call it mercy."
  • "Stopping this parasite is how we save lives."
  • "The doctor is on call."
  • "I'll keep my team alive long enough to win the fight."
  • "I am good to go."
  • "I feel much better."
  • "I am better."
  • "You're good."
  • "You will feel better now."
  • "Take my target down."
  • "Engage my target."
  • "Eliminate my target."
  • "You will feel better now."
  • "Takedown accomplished."
  • "Enemy successfully cleared."
  • "That target has been handled."
  • "That issue is out of the way."
  • "Good. That's dealt with."
  • "Ammo station here."
  • "If we must, we must."