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Doktor's Curse is a limited timed event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Ember Rise expansion. It took place from October 23, 2019 to November 6, 2019.

The Hide and Seek gamemode takes place on Doktor's Castle which a modified version of Theme Park. Following the theme of a mad scientist, the map has been made to resemble something akin to Frankenstein's castle. Attackers and Defenders are known as Hunters and Monsters respectively.


Following the closure of Theme Park, something wasn't quite right with Doc. He moved his equipment into the park castle and made it his home. It was then that he started to perform disturbing experiments on his fellow Rainbow operators. In the end, he created something more evil than he had intended. Now monsters roam the castle and a band of exterminators have been called upon. With Doc busy experimenting on Bandit, it's up to the Hunters to capitalize on this opportunity and cleanse the castle.


Gamemode Rules

The objective of Hide and Seek is for one team to eliminate all members of the enemy team or for the Monsters to survive the two minute time limit each round.

Unlike normal multiplayer, both teams do not have access to weapons and cannot melee. The Hunters only have access to modified versions of Sledge's Cabre and their unique tracking abilities. Monsters have no means to attack Hunters directly. Instead, they have access to one Reinforcement and their respective Operator traps. Traps will also replenish over time, encouraging players to plant them and avoid Hunters. Monsters also have access to the new nightstride ability. Once activated, it temporarily makes Monsters completely invisible to Hunters and increases their movement speed. Despite this, the ability has a cooldown effect and may only be used three times by a player during a round. Additionally, it does not prevent detection by the Heartbeat Sensor or EE-ONE-D.


The mode limits players to choosing between five Monsters and three Hunters. A single Hunter may be chosen more than once by players.




Alpha Packs

As with other events, Doktor's Curse features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charms that are themed around the event. There are 28 cosmetic items in the Doktor's Curse Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

All players are awarded a free Alpha Pack for logging in for the first time during the event. Afterwards, packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Club challenges or by purchase. Unlike past events, Alpha Packs may be purchased with Renown alongside R6 Credits.


Doc Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Doc Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Bandit Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Bandit Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Ela Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Ela Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Frost Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Frost Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Lesion Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Lesion Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Kapkan Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Kapkan Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg
Smoke Doktor's Curse 1.jpeg Smoke Doktor's Curse 2.jpeg




  • Cosmetics for the event were first leaked in September 2019.
  • As noted in the event description, Doc can be found behind glass in one of the rooms experimenting on a deformed Bandit. The glass cannot be broken by Hunters.
  • Doktor's Curse Alpha Packs are blood bags. Of the available blood types on the bag, ??? is check marked due to the bag's unknown contents.
  • All hunters are equipped with the Shadow Stalker Headgear and Darkness Fold Uniform. Despite this, both are only available for Sledge as a bundle in normal multiplayer
  • Each hunter gains a unique sledge hammer. However, they are only cosmetic with no gameplay differences.