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"Once a sleepy Southeastern town, now it's just a husk after the destruction caused by the Parasite."
— Description

Downtown is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Truth or Consequences region.


Downtown is composed of three subzones: Trailer Park, Sierra Paradise Resort, and City Streets.

Trailer Park[]

Sierra Paradise Resort[]

City Streets[]

Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]

Trailer Park

Location Quote Image
Work desk in trailer in central part of the map with a walkway on its roof. "With all the crazy conspiracy theories out there, no one predicted the Parasite." - Thermite Trailer Park DP 1 Map.jpeg
Trailer Park DP 1.jpeg
Central area on top of the trailers, inspect the back of the satellite dish on the north side. "The Parasite generates a field that jams all weak signals, rendering some comms useless." - Mira Trailer Park DP 2 Map.jpeg
Trailer Park DP 2.jpeg
Southwestern corner of central trailer area, look out the fence to the northwest with the “Rent due on” sign. "Look up. See where the spikes merge? That's where Boyd's car is." - Ash Trailer Park DP 4 Map.jpeg
Trailer Park DP 4.jpeg
Recon Drone poster on south wall of Airlock between Trailer Park and Sierra Paradise Resort. "These next-gen Recon Drones are great. Easier to drive, and the resolution is better than earlier versions." - Thermite Trailer Park DP 3 Map.jpeg
Trailer Park DP 3.jpeg

Sierra Paradise Resort

Location Quote Image
Western wall inside the main building, look at the wall behind the bar. "There are many factors that affect carapace size and shape. However, I don't think access to alcohol is one of them." - Mira Sierra Paradise Resort DP 1 Map.jpeg
Sierra Paradise Resort DP 1.jpeg
Extraction zone, look at the car on the north side fence. "Lots of people try to ram their way out of a containment zone. It almost never works." - Thermite Sierra Paradise Resort DP 2 Map.jpeg
Sierra Paradise Resort DP 2.jpeg
Writing above window in southeast building by the south Airlock. "In the Outbreak event, it was madness. This place was crazier than all the war zones I've seen." - Ash Sierra Paradise Resort DP 3 Map.jpeg
Sierra Paradise Resort DP 3.jpeg
Support beam in northeast room beside pool. "REACT structural supports are rated for loads up to 50,000 lbs. They are flexible but resistant to torsion and shear." - REACT INDEX Sierra Paradise Resort DP 4 Map.jpeg
Sierra Paradise Resort DP 4.jpeg
Triangulation documents on north wall of Airlock between Sierra Paradise Resort and City Streets "The Seismic Station not only detects ultralow frquencies, but can triangulate and cancel seismic events." - REACT INDEX Sierra Paradise Resort DP 5 Map.jpeg
Sierra Paradise Resort DP 5.jpeg

City Streets

Location Quote Image
Southwestern corner building, inspect the Archaean spike in the corner of the boxing ring. "Carapace is so tough almost nothing even dents it. You go into the ring with carapace, the carapace wins." - Thermite City Streets DP 1 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 1.jpeg
Southeastern corner, look at the bottom of the neon sign. "All these Archaeans crawling around give new meaning to roach motel." - Thermite City Streets DP 2 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 2.jpeg
Northernmost room, inspect the bloodstains on the floor. "During the Outbreak event, almost all inhabitants inside the city died. 6000 people perished." - INDEX City Streets DP 3 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 3.jpeg
Carapace wall in open clearing directly west of extraction zone. "I ran a statistical analysis on the frequency of cars trapped in carapace. For some reason Spikes like cars." - Mira City Streets DP 6 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 6.jpeg
Arch Spine documents on the east wall of the Airlock between City Streets and Trailer Park. "Parasite activity patterns seem dense around these Arch Spines. We're still analyzing if it's another Parasite mutation." - Mira City Streets DP 4 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 4.jpeg
Garbage can on west wall. of the Airlock between City Streets and Trailer Park. "Even in the most severe Hot-Zone, REACT cares about the environment. Please recycle whenever safe or possible." - INDEX City Streets DP 5 Map.jpeg
City Streets DP 5.jpeg


  • The map appears as the main setting in the first mission of the Outbreak event.