Early Cerberus is the fourteenth mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - Decrypted data from the base mainframes shows Igor Kutkin is in possession of a mobile launching platform with a nearly complete variation of the Russian SS-27 ICBM. This weapon is armed with a 550 kiloton MARV warhead. With an estimated range of 9000 Miles and enough destructive power to completely annihilate a medium sized city, it is a very serious threat. Intel is unable to determine its location, so our only option is to apprehend Kutkin. 

Your mission is to capture Kutkin. He is reported to be in the Rollenstein Building. Storm the building and take this man, dead or alive. 

Enemy forces are expected to be a small but highly trained unit. Your knowledge of the Building should guarantee an easy operation. 


John Clark - This situation requires quick action. We know from our informant and the bugs in Kutkin's stronghold that he's there now, protected by his elite guards. We must act quickly, before he can reorganize his forces. Go in and take him down. 

Mission success

John Clark - We fell into a trap. They were expecting us, and the forces we faced were far more than we could have anticipated. Kutkin was nowhere to be found.

Questioning one of the survivors finally allowed us to get the full picture. Until now Kutkin has fooled us all. He manipulated us through the same Russian Intel people that fed us information about Kiriakov, and acted as informants for us. He plotted the incidents and used Kiriakov and his lieutenants as puppets, and bait. He tested us and kept us busy.

While we were responding to recent incidents, Kutkin has completed his plan. He now possesses a nuclear warhead and plans to launch it at Rainbow's headquarters at Hereford.

Talk about a thirst for revenge, Kutkin won't hesitate to use this weapon as payback for what we did to his brother.

It is a tense time for everyone, especially those in the upper echelon of NATO and our Russian friends. This is our last chance to find him before he completes the missile.  

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