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"Don't ask me what I'm doing on my phone. You don't want to know."
— Echo

Masaru Enatsu (Japanese: 江夏 優[1], Enatsu Masaru), codenamed Echo, is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Red Crow expansion alongside Hibana.[2]


Masaru Enatsu grew up in Suginami City, Tokyo. He and his family were never close with one another, leading him to become resistant to working in groups. Fascinated with robotics from an early age, he designed and programmed both terrestrial and flying drones capable of search-and-rescue missions in highly difficult conditions. Two years later, he won the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) along with numerous other competitions. This made him known to push the limits of what flying robots could accomplish.

After his studies of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, he was encouraged to join the National Police Security Bureau. Following his graduation from the National Police Academy a year later, Enatsu joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Special Unit. He worked tirelessly in the department's research and development lab in order to test his devices on the field. Trained in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering, Enatsu began designing specific tech that would better aid the Bureau.

In 2005, he collaborated with Hong Kong Special Duties Unit where he met Siu Mei Lin. Both of them became romantically involved with one another before breaking up a year later. Joint training after the 2007 Nagoya hostage crisis prompted Enatsu to transfer to the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit where his tenacious focus enabled him to find creative solutions and alternate strategies.[3]

In 2016, Enatsu accepted an invitation to join Rainbow as a field operative. His technical knowledge and skills also made him a prominent member of Rainbow's R&D division.

Psychological Profile[]

Efficiency-obsessed and blunt, Enatsu is a talented officer despite his apathetic nature. Singularly focused, Enatsu's blunt communication style divides group harmony. His tendency to dismiss feedback has kept him from advancing to a higher rank.[4]

Psychological Report[]

To say that Specialist Masaru "Echo" Enatsu's file has a few flags regarding his conduct is an understatement. Prior to our first session together I had met with every other member of Rainbow – some more than once. So when the conversation began with Enatsu admitting he'd been avoiding me, I knew we were going to get along.

Often, I would rather not read a file first, to give someone a chance to tell me who they are in their own words. In this case it was important that I know what people think, because Enatsu was braced for my reaction.

I gather he and his family aren't close. He joked that a calculator has more emotional range than his parents. This upbringing has made him resistant to working in groups, because a friendly, mutually beneficial dynamic isn't one he's familiar with. It's my hope his time with Rainbow will help, but his desire to explore the "Al" of his fellow operators by pushing their buttons is something that may need to be handled from within the group.

Enatsu's tactics have been described as tricky and unpredictable. This can work as a strong team strategy but it demands communication.

I'd also encourage the team to think of how best to utilize Enatsu's potential. Some operators assume there will be issues with him before they even begin, which leads to predictable results.

Specialists Yumiko “Hibana" Imagawa and Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam work with Enatsu on R&D quite often, actually. I've also noticed that he's developed a rapport with Specialist Taina "Caveira" Pereira. I suspect he appreciates Pereira's candor, since it ties into his own assumption that people who are offended simply don't "get the joke."

Enatsu frustrates easily. He has few outside interests, and consequently thinks only about improving his operational efficiency. It's important that he recognize that everyone needs diversions – those in high-stress jobs even more so. It isn't a sign of weakness to "switch off" every now and again, even if he has been conditioned to believe that a restful mind indicates a lack of intelligence.

- Dr. Harishva “Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Heavy Armored Operator, Echo's unique gadgets are two hovering drones called Yokai, which can stick to flat surfaces on a ceiling, as well as emit ultrasonic bursts that can disorient the enemy.


  • Echo spawns carrying two Yokai drones. Echo deploys a Yokai drone by throwing it out.
    • The Yokai have two modes of operation: a ground mode where it can move and cannot fire ultrasonic bursts, and a ceiling mode where it cannot move and can fire ultrasonic bursts.
    • The Yokai starts in the ground level mode when deployed.
    • After a Yokai is deployed, their camera feeds are added to the Defenders' camera pool, inside a separate list to the default Security Cameras.
    • Echo and his teammates can scan and tag enemies with the Yokai drones.
    • All Defenders can use Yokai's cameras, but only Echo can control the Yokai drones.
    • After deploying a Yokai drone, Echo will immediately start controlling the drone.
    • The Yokai drone is an electronic gadget, and can thus be:
      • Detected by IQ's Electronics Detector
        • IQ can also detect Echo's PDA whenever Echo is using the PDA.
      • Disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenades for 10 seconds; the Yokai will drop to the ground if it was attached to the ceiling when it was hit by the EMP. Vision on the drone will be disrupted and movement will be impaired.
      • Destroyed by darts fired by Twitch's Shock Drones.
  • On the ground, Echo can move the Yokai drone horizontally in all four directions, but cannot use its ultrasonic bursts.
    • The Yokai drones are small enough to be able to fit through drone holes.
    • On the ground, the Yokai have the ability to launch itself vertically upwards. During the upward ascent, if the Yokai comes into contact with a flat ceiling (and certain slanted surfaces), it will attach and secure itself, and enter the ceiling mode.
      • The Yokai's horizontal movements are temporarily disabled during the vertical launch.
      • The Yokai have a 2 second cooldown between jumps.
      • The Yokai's jump is limited vertically to 10 meters.
      • If the Yokai does hit a surface it cannot latch to, it will shake for 0.5s before falling back down.
    • On the ground, the camera on the Yokai drones can pan up to 40 degrees upwards, but not downwards.
  • On the ceiling, the Yokai drone becomes immobile and can fire its ultrasonic bursts.
    • On the ceiling, the Yokai's cameras cannot pan up, but can freely pan downwards.
    • Echo can manually make the Yokai detach from the ceiling and return to ground mode operation.
  • The Yokai will lose signal and deactivate if they move outside the building for more than 3 seconds.
  • The effects of losing signal are similar to the effects of Mute's Signal Disruptor on Attacker drones, with visual disruption before complete signal loss.
  • The line "LOSING SIGNAL, GET BACK INSIDE" will appear on the HUD when losing signal.
  • Echo can go outside, pick up a Yokai that lost signal, and redeploy it inside to reactivate it.

Ultrasonic Burst[]

  • When the Yokai is on the ceiling, Echo can aim and fire Yokai's ultrasonic burst with the Yokai's camera view.
    • The Yokai has up to two ultrasonic charges in reserve.
    • After firing an ultrasonic burst, the Yokai recharges one charge every 15 seconds.
    • Firing an ultrasonic burst fires a small sphere-like projectile from the Yokai towards the aimed direction; when any Operator (Attacker or Defender) is hit by the burst (on any part of their body), they will be disorientated.The blast has a small area of effect and can disorient multiple foes. The blast can travel through holes big enough, such as melee holes but not bullet holes.
    • The blasts' effective range is 15 meters.
    • Although ultrasonic blasts appear to have travel time, they actually travel instantaneously.
  • When a character is hit by an ultrasonic blast, they will receive the following effects:
    • Most continuous actions that the target is performing will be cancelled.
      • The only action that the burst cannot cancel is pulling the needle from Lesion's Gu mines.
    • The effects of Finka's Adrenal Surge are overridden.
    • Temporary blindness.
    • Slight screen shake.
    • Hearing disrupted.
    • Visual disorientation effects will be applied; the player's vision is blurred, the player will see shaking double vision, the peripheral vision is blacked out, and the player can see scattered dots of light.
      • The disorientation effects lasts 10 seconds.
      • Moving will worsen the disorientation effects, resulting in more peripheral vision being blacked out and causing a strong screen sway.
  • The disorientation effects are overridden when:
    • Finka's Adrenal Surge is activated (for Attackers)
    • The Operator is afflicted with the concussion effects of Zofia's concussion grenades or Ela's Grzmot Mines.


  • Tall flat surfaces (shelves and closets) provide good cover for Yokai. Echo can throw Yokai up to the spot, attach it to the ceiling, and hide Yokai drones by dropping back onto the shelf after using a blast.
  • The ultrasonic blasts are extremely useful in denying many key attacker actions:
  • Thermite's deployment of an Exothermic Charge can be canceled, delaying a breach.
  • Operators setting down a Breach Charge.
  • Fuze's deployment of his Cluster Charge.
  • Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb call.
  • Iana's Gemini Replicator during use, only if Iana herself is hit.
  • Flores' deployment of his RCE-RATERO drone.
  • An Attacker's plant of a defuser in Bomb can be denied, delaying a key game objective.
  • Montagne with his shield extended will be forced to retract his shield when hit by the burst.


  • Thatcher's EMP Grenades will disable the Yokai for 10 seconds and will force Yokai drones to detach from the ceiling and render them virtually useless.
  • IQ and her Electronics Scanner can quickly identify the Yokai's location, as well as Echo himself while he's on his PDA, making her the most dangerous detriment to their survival.
  • Zero's ARGUS Camera lasers can destroy Yokai drones.
  • The latter applies to Kali's LV Lances and Flores' RCE-RATERO Drones.
  • "Cooked" Frag Grenades and using other explosive devices can be useful for destroying Yokai if an approximate location is known, as falling down and moving away takes a considerable amount of time for the Yokai.
  • Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb can hack into a Yokai drone as with any other surveillance device. It can also force Echo off his PDA for a short amount of time as Echo must reset his PDA.



Yokai x 2

"Hovering drone that releases disorienting sonic bursts. Yokai also transmits a video feed to the Operator."
— Yokai Description

Wanting to circumvent ranged weapon limitations, Echo crafted Yokai, an unmanned hovering vehicle. Equipped with an acoustic hailing device, this signature drone can fire ultrasonic bursts that disorient all targets in a given perimeter. Yokai also transmits a video feed to Echo, who keeps his immediate perimeter secure. Embrace the power of technology and embody a turret Defender who can both hold up the siege and support roamers.[2]

Device Evaluation[]

Evaluation Lead: Specialist Masaru "Echo" Enatsu with Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada (because he wouldn't leave me alone – say two words, "transmit pulses," and he's all over you like a dirty shirt. Also, explain to me the obsession with learning Japanese?)

(Comment_J. Estrada: Can't a guy just want to be a better guy?)

(Comment_M. Enatsu: If a "guy" wants to be a better guy, he can try being a man.)

(Comment_J. Estrada: Ouch, bro.)

(Comment_E. Alvarez: Can you two comedians please make sure these comments are cleared before Harry sees the file? Mira.)

(Comment_Dr. H. Pandey: Too late! Seriously though, nothing to worry about.)

I'm all for working late nights in a state-of-the-art lab but since the cafeteria started including katsudon (!!!!) I think Mira doesn't want me to go home at all.

(Comment_E. Alvarez: :D Mira.)

Evaluation of the Yokai went well. Results are attached. I'd like to conduct further tests on electro-acoustic transducer frequencies. Maybe I can coordinate lab time when Pulse *isn't* here.

(Comment_J. Estrada: And I thought we were buds.)

- Echo


Echo's Quotes
  • "Being efficient is just being lazy, but in a clever way."
Operator Preview Trailer
  • "Kikai no hō ga yūshū nandakara, tsukawanai-te wa nai." (Japanese: 機械の方が優秀なんだから、使わない手はない。)
Operation Red Crow Trailer
  • "Nandemo wakatta tsumori ka?" (Japanese: 何でも分かったつもりか?)
  • "No comment."
Using Yokai
  • "Deploying Yokai!"
  • "Enough prancing around. Time to take them down."
  • "I'll just relax here, and let Yokai do the rest."
  • "I'm going to drone this part."
  • "I'm going to lie down for a bit. Yokai can take care of them."
  • "I'm just going to drone this."
  • "Remember folks: Efficiency is clever laziness."
  • "Time to be efficient, and kinda lazy."
  • "What a drag, Yokai can handle this."
  • "Why do it yourself when robots do it better."
  • "Yokai can handle this."
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Wall secure!"
  • "Barricade set!"
Using Barbed Wire
  • "Razor wire in position."
  • "Loading new mag."
  • "Loading new magazine."
  • "Reload!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mags!"
  • "I got you."


  • The name of Echo's Drone, Yokai (Japanese: 妖怪), refers to the supernatural monsters or demons in Japanese folklore.
  • Echo's codename refers to Yokai's ability to send ultrasonic bursts.
  • At release, Echo had the surname 田波 (Tanami) marked on his battledress. This was later changed to his canonical surname 江夏 (Enatsu).
  • The top of Yokai is marked with the characters "重心操作" (Jūshin Sōsa) and "速度制御" (Sokudo Seigyo), which translate to "Center of Gravity Control" and "Speed Control" respectively.
  • Echo is on friendly terms with 707th SMB Operator Grace Nam. Despite this, the two often get competitive when it comes to outdoing each other in the workshop.[5]
  • Echo's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1980, however this has since been removed.[6]


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Patch Changes[]


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