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Echo Team was a Rainbow team at the time of the missions in Vegas in 2010.

During the Penthouse mission, Echo and Bravo Team were attempting to disarm a bomb. Either through poor intel or sabotage, the floor of the building they are in explodes as Bishop and Knight look on. They were not able to be raised on the radio immediately after. It is doubtful that there were any survivors.

Echo Team's death is due to the fake NSA agent (Gabriel Nowak) setting the whole operation in the penthouse up as an ambush which went sort of successful with Sharon Judd (Bishop's intelligence officer) wounded and Echo Team eliminated.

Throughout their infiltration Echo Team repeatedly mentions that there are no tangos on that side of the penthouse.

Echo Team's last known words were "Bishop there doesn't appear to be any tangos here, they must have cleared out, wait there's a......." after that their floor is obliterated.

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