Eddie Price
Price face
Biographical information
Nationality 1024px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British
Born September 21 1958
Birth place London, England
Family Father (Deceased)
Affiliation(s) S.A.S emblem.svg Special Air Service
Occupation Rainbow operative
Identification number RCT0049-B4197
Specialty Assault
Appearances Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
Rainbow Six: Lockdown
Physical description
Height 186Cm (6' 1")
Weight 84Kg (185lbs)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

Eddie Price is a British Rainbow operative.

Biography Edit

Born in London, September 21 1958. Father deceased, mother living in Cambridge, retired nurse. Price is a former color sergeant who served in the 22nd SAS at Hereford. Spot promoted to Sergeant major, he spent time in Northern Ireland for the 14th Intelligence Company. Highly trained in techniques such as CQB, IR photography and covert surveillance, "The Company" as it is known performs in Northern Ireland, monitoring known IRA terrorists and pre-emptively striking against terrorist targets. Involved in a hostage rescue in Columbia, 1984, where a scientist was on a research expedition. Extremely physically fit, and an expert marksman. Enjoys reading, smoking his pipe, and working out with Weber. Unmarried.