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For the version of the character appearing in video games, see Eddie Price (Video Game).

Sergeant Major Edward "Eddie" Price is a British Rainbow operative that appears in the Rainbow Six novel.


Eddie Price was born in London, England on September 21 1958. His father is deceased while his mother, a retired nurse, lives in Cambridge. Price is a former color sergeant who served in the 22nd SAS at Hereford. He enlisted in the British Army at age fifteen in 1973 and joined the Parachute Regiment. Price was later spot promoted to Sergeant Major and spent time in Northern Ireland for the 14th Intelligence Company. "The Company" operates in Northern Ireland, monitoring known IRA terrorists and pre-emptively striking against terrorist targets. Price joined the SAS in 1982 at the age of twenty-four. In 1984, he was involved in a hostage rescue in Columbia where a scientist was on a research expedition.

Rainbow SixEdit

In 1999, Price was recruited by the newly formed Rainbow counter-terrorism unit. He was stationed at Hereford Base in England and was placed on Team 2 under Domingo Chavez. He and his new teammates conducted various training exercises in order to prepare for their first mission.

Three weeks later, a hostage situation erupted at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland after what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong. Chavez and Price were called to the Rainbow communication room to review the situation alongside John Clark, Bill Tawney, and Sam Bennett. Price observed that the terrorists were using Czech 58 rifles. He noted that this was odd as it would have been easy to steal better weapons from the locals. Price then told the group that the Swiss were not experienced in serious hostage events. Not long after, the situation escalated with the death of a hostage whos body was dragged outside by Hans Richter before he was escorted to safety by police. Chavez and Price rejoined with the rest of Team 2 and deployed to the bank.

Upon touching down at the airport, Team 2 was met by Marius Roebling who gave them a brief overview of the situation. Afterward, Team geared up and disguised themselves as Swiss Police. Once Team 2 arrived to handle the situation, Richter was questioned by Eddie Price. By showing Richter old photos of known German terrorists, Richter was able to identity Ernst Model and Erwin Guttenach as two of the terrorists inside the bank. Chavez then sent Paul Bellow to review audio tapes, Tim Noonan to plant surveillance cameras, and Roebling to have the police hold a press conference to distract the terrorists. Next, Chavez asked Price if he had missed anything and emphasized that now was the time to tell him. Price stated that he did not and asked what they should do in the event the terrorist became trigger happy. Chavez responded by telling him that they would formulate an actual assault plan once they had more information.

A short time later, Noonan's surveillance cameras revealed that the building could only be entered through the front and rear doors. Chavez's plan called for Scotty McTyler and Paddy Connolly to breach from the rear. A second later, Chavez and Price would breach the front left door while Louis Loiselle and George Tomlinson would breach the front right door as the terrorists were facing the wrong way. Dieter Weber and Homer Johnston would act as sniper overwatch while Julio Vega would be on standby with his machine gun incase the raid went south. Shortly thereafter, Model made his final threat to kill another hostage in thirty minutes should his demand for airport transport not be met. Once Model's deadline expired, Chavez signaled Team 2 to breach as they had planned and had Price take point. Price killed Model during the raid with a shot to the head. Their mission a success, Price was thanked by the director as the team packed up their gear and returned to Hereford Base for the after-action report.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Price is highly trained in techniques such as CQB, IR photography and covert surveillance. He is also extremely physically fit and an expert marksman. In his free time he enjoys reading, smoking his pipe, and working out with Dieter Weber.

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