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Video Game Novel
For the version of the character appearing in the Rainbow Six novel, see Eddie Price (Novel).

Eddie Price is a British Rainbow operative. He appears in multiple installments of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.


Eddie Price was born in London on September 21, 1958. His father is deceased, and his mother (a retired nurse) lives in Cambridge. Price served as a color sergeant in the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) at Hereford. After being spot-promoted to Sergeant Major, he fought terrorism in Northern Ireland with the 14th Intelligence Company. The 14th performs in Northern Ireland, monitoring known IRA targets and pre-emptively striking at terrorist targets. Price was recruited into Rainbow in 1998. In addition to being an excellent marksman, Price is an expert in techniques such as close-quarters battle (CQB), infrared photography, and covert surveillance. In 1984, Price was involved in a hostage rescue in Columbia where a scientist was on a research expedition. Unmarried.


Price is mild-mannered and quiet, but good-natured. He's experienced, observant, and a shrewd judge of character. A seasoned veteran, he remains cool and collected under fire. Though neither stiff nor brusque, he makes a point of being formal when addressing his superiors, and puts a great deal of stock in the notion of chain-of-command. He believes in doing things properly and by-the-book, and he tends to be cautious and conservative. Though taciturn by nature, Price gives honest and pointed opinions when solicited, and his perspective is valued by the other members of Rainbow. He enjoys smoking his pipe, reading, and working out with Weber.

Psychological Profile[]

Price is highly trained in techniques such as CQB, IR photography and covert surveillance. He is also extremely physically fit and an expert marksman. In his free time he enjoys reading, smoking his pipe, and working out with Dieter Weber.

He is the oldest member of Team Rainbow, evinced by his grey hair and crow's-feet. However, he is extremely physically fit, and has the shoulders of a linebacker. He looks like what he is: an old tough guy who used to break bones at rugby games.