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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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Siege Extraction

Elżbieta "Ela" Bosak is a REACT Operator set to be featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


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Ela wasn't the first choice for REACT, yet her tactical expertise is undeniable but her disdain for authority makes her unpredictable at times. Ultimately, the decision was based on her uparalleled talents as a survivalist, and her GRZMOT concussive mines are particularly effective at incapacitating Archæans, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Gameplay Description[]


Grzmot Mine.png
  • Grzmot Mine

Her tactictal expertise, her unparalleled talents as a survivalist and her GRZMOT concussive mines are huge assets to face the Archæans. Throws sticky proximity mines, stunning enemies caught in the blast. Mines recharge over time.


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