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"No one can prepare for chaos, just have to know how to survive it."
— Ela

Elżbieta "Ela" Bosak is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. She is unlocked by default.


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Ela wasn't the first choice for REACT, yet her tactical expertise is undeniable but her disdain for authority makes her unpredictable at times. Ultimately, the decision was based on her unparalleled talents as a survivalist, and her GRZMOT concussive mines are particularly effective at incapacitating Archæans, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Psychological Profile[]

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Survivalist tactics and intelligence gathering expertise will be extremely valuable during incursions in Chimera-infested environments. (Cross-ref: Intel protocols)

Speculating that Ela's skills outweigh possible flaws, issues with hierarchy. (INSERT: psychological assessment - Ela's questioning of the status quo is a strength. She does not accept things as they are. She questions everything. A trait REACT will find useful.)

Perceived anti-authoritarian views should be re-evaluated. Bosak's experience working with other elite Operators has tempered this trend. Probability High.

Gameplay Description[]

Gadget REACT Grzmot Mine.png

A Light Armored Operator, Ela comes equipped with three Grzmot Mines; sticky proximity mines that release a concussive blast to disorient any enemy within range. These mines will recharge over time and are useful for area defense around objectives, as well as stunning elites and armored enemies for Takedowns. When Ela reaches Advancement level 10, her capacity of mines increase to four.

  • Ela's Grzmot Mines can be thrown and stuck to any surface, whether if it be walls, ceilings, floors, or even furniture.
  • Although in-game, the "sticky bag" on the Mines puffs up over time, this is only a visual effect; there is no need to wait for it before tossing the Mine onto the desired surface.
  • After sticking to a surface, Grzmot Mines take a second to arm itself, after which it can detonate if it is triggered.
    • While the Grzmot Mine is arming itself a visual radius will appear on screen to show the player how far the mine can be triggered.
  • Ela recharges one mine every 90 seconds, at levels 1-6. At levels 7-9, she recharges one mine every 75 seconds. At level 10, she recharges one mine every 60 seconds.
  • While downed, Ela can immediately detonate a reserve mine with the throw button, to stun enemies around her and buy herself time to be revived.
  • Grzmot Mines are triggered when an enemy enters its proximity (radius 4 meters, 8 meters at level 7). The Grzmot Mines instantly explode once triggered, concussing players and stunning Archaeans (allowing takedowns) within its blast radius.
    • The blast concusses players for 5 seconds, and is halved on Ela herself, while it stuns Archaeans for 5 seconds to start, and 10 seconds at level 2 and up.
    • The detection radius increases when she receives the Blast Radius upgrade at 7, but is still slightly smaller than the blast radius.
  • Ela is resistant to the concussive effects caused by Sower Mines and projectiles from Tormentors, Apexes, and Proteans.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Grzmot Mine.png
GRZMOT Mine Throws sticky proximity mines, stunning enemies caught in the blast. Mines recharge over time.
2 Grzmot Mine.png Stun Duration Stun duration increased to 10 seconds. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 FO-12 Shotgun.png Arsenal Update Gains access to the FO-12 Shotgun.
4 Speed.png Speed IV Movement speed increased by 30%.
5 Healthy Hand.png Healthy Hand Reviving teammates grants them 20 Health Boost. HZ-Tarp Uniform
6 LMG-E Light Machine Gun.png Arsenal Update Gains access to the LMG-E Light machine gun.
7 Grzmot Mine.png Blast Radius Stun radius increased to 8 meters. Recharge time reduced to 75 seconds. Status Symbol Uniform
Armor III Incoming damage reduced by 20%.
9 M762 Assault Rifle.png Arsenal Update Gains access to the M762 Assault Rifle.
10 Grzmot Mine.png GRZMOT Capacity Mine count increased to 4. Recharge time reduced to 60 seconds. Status Symbol Headgear


Ela's Quotes


  • "No one can prepare for chaos, just have to know how to survive it."

  • "Chaos is my home."
  • "You watching Zo? This is how it's done."
  • "Poland's finest, ready to serve."
  • "Keep your enemies on their back heel."
  • "Watch your step, I tend to get under foot."
  • "You can never have enough mines."
  • "I'll do my father proud."
  • "Reward only comes from risk."
  • "I'm an artist, on and off the battlefield."
  • "Anger is the hallmark of rebellion, and I'm still rebelling."
Placing Grzmot Mine
  • "I'll rattle their cages a bit..."
  • "GRZMOT out."
  • "Throwing GRZMOT."
  • "Sending GRZMOT downrange."
  • "Throwing proximity mine."


  • "I'll take care of this!"
  • "Sending proximity mine!"
  • "GRZMOT mine!"

Grzmot Mine detonated

  • "That will slow them down."
  • "GRZMOT detonated."
  • "It will all be over soon..."
  • "I've knocked them senseless."
  • "GRZMOT get's them every time."
  • "Wall reinforced."
  • "Wall is reinforced."
  • "Reinforcing the wall."
  • "Window barrication deployed."
  • "Window barricaded."
  • "Window barricade up."
  • "I'm Reloading."
  • "Reloading weapon."
  • "Reload."
  • "Reloading."
Take Downs
  • "That one's taken care of."
  • "Target is down."
  • "Whatever's in the way, I'll clear it."
  • "That's dealt with."
  • "Situation has been handled."
Deploying Drone
  • "Activating drone."
  • "Drone activated."
  • "Drone ready."
Throwing Smoke Grenade
  • "Tossing smoke."
  • "Screening."
  • "Smoke out."
  • "Smoke."
  • "Smoke grenade."
Throwing Impact Grenade
  • "Throwing impact grenade."
  • "Impact going out."
  • "Impact grenade out."
  • "Impact grenade going out."
  • "Impact out."


  • "Impact grenade!"
Placing Scan Mine
  • "Mine set."
  • "Adding mine."
  • "Mine is up."
  • "Deploying device."
  • "Device is active."
  • "Mine."
Placing Claymore
  • "Claymore is up."
  • "In position."
  • "Mine is up."
  • "Claymore set."
  • "Mine."
  • "Mine set."
Throwing Stun Grenade
  • "Stun grenade out."
  • "Throwing stun grenade."
  • "Stun grenade going out."
Throwing Glue Grenade
  • "Device going out."
  • "Device is out."
  • "Throwing device."
Deploying Field Wall
  • "Field wall going up."
  • "Setting field wall."
  • "Throwing up a field wall."
Pinging Location
  • "Converge on location."
  • "Head over there."
  • "Go there."
Pinging Extraction
  • "I suggest we move to extraction."
  • "I say it's time to extract."
  • "The extraction point is our next move."
Pinging Airlock
  • "The airlock would be a good idea."
  • "Let's get to the airlock now."
  • "We should move to the airlock."
Pinging Objective
  • "Collapse on the objective."
  • Rendezvous at the objective."
  • "Head to the objective."
Pinging REACT Tech
  • "I see REACT Tech."
  • "REACT Tech is here."
  • "Look, REACT Gear."
Pinging Medkit
  • "Here's a medkit."
  • "Medkit here."
  • "Take a trauma kit."
Pinging Ability Recharge
  • "Found you a recharge."
  • "Get a recharge here."
  • "Look, a recharge."
Pinging Ammo
  • "Get more ammunition."
  • "Pick up ammo."
  • "More ammo here."
Pinging Enemy
  • "Engage my target."
  • "My target is priority kill."
  • "Eliminate my target."
Picking Up Operator
  • "Carrying operator."
  • "I have our agent."
  • "Taking operator with me."
Dropping Operator
  • "Dropping operator."
  • "Setting agent down."
  • "Setting operator down."