Elite sets are bundles of cosmetic items in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Red Crow expansion. Each set includes a unique appearance, gadget skin, Operator card, Charm, Weapon Skins, and a victory animation. They can be purchased for 1800 Credits R6S-credits-icon.


Operator Image Contents
L Detachment
Sledge - L Detachment Sledge - L Detachment Content
Operation Nimrod
Thatcher - Operation Nimrod Thatcher - Operation Nimrod Content
F Squadron
Mute - F Squadron Mute - F Squadron Content
Ash - Sidewinder Ash - Sidewinder Content
Vintage Bureau
Thermite - Vintage Bureau Thermite - Vintage Bureau Content
Lucky Seventh
Pulse - Lucky Seventh Pulse - Lucky Seventh Content
Twitch - Maquis Twitch - Maquis Content
Trench Medic
Doc - Trench Medic Doc - Trench Medic Content
Rook - Gendarmerie Rook - Gendarmerie Content
Lethal Citizen
Glaz - Lethal Citizen Glaz - Lethal Citizen Content
2nd Shock Army
Fuze - 2nd Shock Army Fuze - 2nd Shock Army Content
Kapkan - Vympel Kapkan - Vympel Content
Blitz - Panzerstarke Blitz - Panzerstarke Content
IQ - Reunification IQ - Reunification Content
Flying Ace
Jager - Flying Ace Jager - Fyling Ace Content
Axle 13
Bandit - Axle 13 Bandit - Axle 13 Content
Frost - Huntress Frost - Huntress Content
Blackbeard - Guerrilla Blackbeard - Guerrilla Content
Photographer '72
Valkyrie - War Photographer '72 Valkyrie - Photographer '72 Content
Hibana - Onkochishin Hibana - Onkochishin Content
Nano-Tox 32
Lesion - Nano-Tox B8e012a4-d369-4f48-8f29-f381d8495278
Sanguine Arsenic
Smoke - Sanguine Arsenic Smoke - Sanguine Arsenic Content
Mira - Inspiracion Mira - Inspiracion Content
Capitao Responsa Elite Set Capitao Responsa Content
Huk Sztuk
Ela Huk Sztuk Elite Set


  • Sledge's Elite Set, L Detachment, is based on the World War II predecessor of the modern Special Air Service, the "L" Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade.
    • With the Elite Set, Sledge's Breaching Hammer becomes a round-headed hammer similar to the ones used in the traditional Scottish hammer throw sport in the Scottish Highland games.
  • Thatcher's Elite Set, Operation Nimrod, is based on the Special Air Service during the Iranian Embassy siege, who launched an assault on the embassy codenamed "Operation Nimrod".
  • Mute's Elite Set, F Squadron, is based on the F Squadron of the Special Air Service, whose forces came from the GHQ Liaison Regiment, a WWII-era reconnaissance and signals unit also known as "Phantom".
    • The symbol of the F Squadron Set shown on the Operator card is the White Rose of York; this references the fact that Mute is born in York, England.
  • IQ's Elite Set, Reunification, is based on the 1970-80s green West German police uniform designed by designer Heinz Oestergaard, specifically the leather motorcycle suits which featured white stripes.
    • The name of the Elite Set refers to the German reunification of 1990.
    • The special cassette player model for the Electronic Detector in the Reunification set is marked with the words "Gehender Mann", which literally translate to "Walking man" in German, a play on the name of the Walkman series of portable media players.
  • Kapkan's Elite Set, Vympel, is based on Spetsgruppa "V" during the Soviet-Afghan War. Spetsgruppa "V", also known as "Vympel" (literally "pennant" in Russian), is a Russian special forces group, formerly under the KGB and now under the FSB.
    • The Vympel uniform features a blue-and-white Telnyashka, an undershirt originating from the Imperial Russian Navy that came to be commonly worn by Russian special forces.
    • The Vympel set renames Kapkan's EDD to "EDD MK I" (normally "EDD MK II"), suggesting that the new model of the EDD is an older version of it.
  • Fuze's Elite Set, 2nd Shock Army, is based on the 2nd Shock Army of the Soviet Union during World War II.
    • The uniform features the SN-42 steel body armor used during World War II.
    • The weapon skin of the Elite Set, Arzamas-17, is based on the former name of the Russian closed town of Sarov, Arzamas-16.
    • The Arzamas-17 skin for the 6P41 features the phrase "Fuze the hostage" scratched into the underside of the feed tray cover multiple times (visible when reloading), referencing the community meme of Fuze killing the hostage with his gadget.
    • The cluster charge skin includes a Russian writing "Держитесь там!", which roughly means "Hold on there!"
    • The Mother Land skin for the Shield in the 2nd Shock Army Set is marked with the Russian initialism "ШИСБр" (SHISBr), which refers to the Soviet assault engineering and combat brigade (Russian: Штурмовая инженерно-сапёрная бригада, Shturmovaja inzhenerno-sapërnaja brigada), who were issued the SN-42 steel body armor during World War II.
    • The Mother Land skin includes tally marks counting up to eleven.
    • The Arzamas-17 skins all feature the word СПЕЦНАЗ (Spetsnaz) written in Russian.
    • The name of the Cluster Charge skin in the set is "Ura", which is a Russian battle cry.
  • Glaz's Lethal Citizen uniform includes an arm band with the Russian word for "police" (полиция), suggesting that the set is based on a plainclothes police sniper.
    • The set's OTs-03 weapon skin is marked with the phrase "Собственность МВД / Полиция — Тактический отряд снайперов", which means "MVD Property / Police - Tactical Sniper Squad".
  • The special skin for Rook's Armor Plates bag in the Gendarmerie Elite Set includes a folder marked with "Operation: Rook Mine", referencing the internet meme "Rook mine".[1]
  • The special skin for the armor bag also includes a list of steps written in French underneath its cover:
Étapes à suivre (Steps to follow)
1)Déposez le sac par terre avant le combat (Put the bag on the ground before the fight)
2)Communiquez verbalement avec vois alliés (Communicate verbally with allies)
3)Prenez une armure (Take an armor)
4)Assurez-vous que toutes les armures soient prises (Make sure all armor is taken)
  • The special skin for the armor bag also includes a sign written in French on the bottom of the bag, visible when all armor is taken.
Si vous pouvez lire ce message (If you can read this message)
cela veut dire que (this means that)
toutes les armures ont été prises. (all the armor was taken.)
Il est important de ne pas détruire ce sac. (It is important not to destroy this bag.)
Rapportez-le à: (Report it to:)
Brig.-Gen. Jean-François Arseneau
  • Jean-François Arseneau is a character rigger at Ubisoft who worked on Rainbow Six Siege.[2][3]
  • Pulse's Elite Set, Lucky Seventh, is based on the appearance of the character Travis Bickle from the 1976 film Taxi Driver.
    • The Elite Set is named after the nickname of the United States 7th Armored Division, "Lucky Seventh".
    • The jacket on the Lucky Seventh uniform is based on the US World War II tanker jacket, with the 7th Armored Division and Corporal shoulder insignias.
    • The symbol of the Lucky Seventh Elite Set shown on the Operator card is the emblem of the U.S. Tank destroyer battalion from World War II.
  • Hibana's Elite Set, Onkochishin, is named after the Sino-Japanese four-character idiom, "温故知新" (Hiragana: おんこちしん, rōmaji: onkochishin), meaning "Learning from the past".
    • The Elite Set itself is based on a female Kyūdō archery uniform.
  • Blitz's Elite Set, Panzerstarke, loosely means "Tank Strength" in German.
  • Smoke's Elite Set, Sanguine Arsenic, has the structural formula of the chemical Arsole marked on his jacket. Its presence is likely a visual pun on the British vulgar slang, "arsehole".
  • Lesion's Nano-Tox 32 uniform is marked with the phrase 專利原型233 on its front and back, which means "Patented Prototype 233".
  • In Mira's Inspiración set, her hat is decorated with a clockwork emblem, which has the markings "40°26'04" N", "3°43'45" W", and "Tu Padre" (lit. "your father"). The coordinates correspond to a bunker in the Parque del Oeste in Madrid, Spain, left over from the Battle of Ciudad Universitaria in the Spanish Civil War.
  • The name of Ela's elite set "Huk Sztuk" loosely translates to "Rumble of fine arts" in Polish.


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