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Dr. Ellen Mackintosh is a character featured in the storyline of the Outbreak gamemode in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Dr. Ellen Mackintosh is the Chief of Radiation oncology at Sierra County Hospital in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Three days after the outbreak, Mackintosh was among the many doctors attempting to treat the infected. While arguing with a colleague over overcrowding at the hospital, Boyd Brooks walked into the hospital pleading for help. Recognizing Boyd, Mackintosh watched as Boyd's eyes turned red and he presumably attacked.

Over the course of seven days Mackintosh had taken blood samples from Boyd and was working on a possible cure to the outbreak. Before she could finish, however, she was swarmed by infected. She barricaded herself in the serology lab of the hospital but injured her arm while trying to escape. Rainbow was aware of her research and sought to exact her to end the outbreak. Ash was initially against the extraction, however, as she believed it to be too dangerous. Despite this, Doc convinced her otherwise due the possibility of ending the outbreak and avoiding a nuclear strike on the quarantine zone.

After Rainbow successfully retrieves Mackintosh, she directed them to retrieve her research and Boyd's blood samples from another wing of the hospital. Afterwards, Rainbow escorted her to the helipad where she was successfully extracted.


  • Dr. Ellen Mackintosh's personnel file is displayed prominently in a cutscene of the Outbreak gamemode
  • She is divorced and has one child.
  • She has a PHD Baylor College of Madison BA University of California.
  • She earned a score of 75.5 in her yearly evaluation
  • Her email address is elleneMack@coolmail.org