Elna Gardiner is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Elna Gardiner was born in the town of Louwsburg, South Africa near the Ithala Game Reserve. She later became best friends with Thandiwe Ndlovu after they both discovered that both of their names meant "beloved". The pair spent may years exploring, It wasn’t always an easy friendship, but their shared adoration for the animals of the game reserve and propensity for exploring where they absolutely should not have been saw them through a lot of challenges. They grew to have a sense of appreciation and responsibility for the animals on the reserve. The threat from poachers fueled their determination, and though haunted they focused on the lives they could save, rather than past casualties.


  • According to Harry Pandey's Psychological Report of Melusi, Ndlovu's stoic comparison between the wounded of the battlefield and the cries of poisoned elephants is in stark contrast to Elna’s compassion. He states that it’s interesting that one focused on prevention, and the other on triage. He goes on to say that in the end, their divergent paths create a complementary partnership.
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