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Emilio Narino is a Colombian Rainbow operative.


Born in Cartagena, Colombia. Narino's early activities are shrouded in mystery, a situation he enhances with conflicting stories regarding his training and upbringing. At various times, Narino has claimed to be the nephew of a Colombian drug lord, a failed university professor, an ex-police officer, and a freedom fighter. Most team members believe that he learned his trade as a CIA assassin, a belief that Narino alternately encourages with outrageous stories or flatly denies with cold stares. Regardless, everyone agrees that Narino is a cool and composed marksman with a disquieting ability to sneak into exposed positions without being seen. Narino is a study in unpredictable mood swings. One minute joking and talkative, the next tight-lipped and silent. This never interferes with his professionalism on the job, but it has kept Narino at arm's length from the easy camaraderie pervading most of the team. This distance is especially noticeable during planning sessions, where he doesn't contribute unless it is to point out an unorthodox sniping position.

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