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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"In this facility rockets and satellites are assembled for space exploration. What does the Parasite want here?"
— Description

Enterprise Space Foundation is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the San Francisco region.


Enterprise Space Foundation is composed of three subzones: Hangar 1, Corporate Offices, and Workshop.

Hangar 1[]

Corporate Offices[]


Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]

Hangar 1

Location Quote Image
At the Extraction point, the solar panel on the boxes looking towards the southeast. "REACT makes efforts to be carbon neutral and energy independent. There are many ways of saving the world." - REACT INDEX Hangar 1 DP 1 Map.jpeg
Hangar 1 DP 1.jpeg
In the large central hanger, the front of the missile on the east side of the hanger, just inside the door. "They were building a probe to land on the moon, then parasite attacked. I hope that's coincidence" - Ash Hangar 1 DP 2 Map.jpeg
Hangar 1 DP 2.jpeg
In the large central hanger, further down the missile on the north side where the side is blown out by the Archaean spikes. "Several exotic materials were used to construct the rocket. One of them must've attracted the parasite." - Mira Hangar 1 DP 3 Map.jpeg
Hangar 2 DP 3.jpeg
X-rays slides on the north wall of the Airlock between Hangar 1 and Corporate Offices. "These structures seem to refine and manufacture parasite nutrients right out of the air." - Mira Hangar 1 DP 4 Map.jpeg
Hangar 2 DP 4.jpeg
Just outside the east hangar exit, on the south facing door of a SWAT truck "The SFPD SWAT responded when the company called for help. But all of their special weapons and training didn't help." - Thermite Hangar 1 DP 5 Map.jpeg
Hangar 1 DP 5.jpeg

Corporate Offices

Location Quote Image
Large central room with all the desks, the bullet casings on the floor. "In all the Hot-Zones, we find evidence of fire fights and casualties, but hardly any remains. It's downright creepy." - Thermite Corporate Offices DP 1 Map.jpeg
Corporate Offices DP 1.jpeg
Westernmost room, the model satellite in the center of the room. "This company was trying to land a robot probe on the dark side of the Moon to search for water." - Ash Corporate Offices DP 2 Map.jpeg
Corporate Offices DP 2.jpeg
Central room with the large television monitors, the screen beside the big Archaean spike in the center of the room. "The catalyst emitter stimulates the bacteria present in parasite artifacts to produce synaptic discharges." - REACT INDEX Corporate Offices DP 3 Map.jpeg
Corporate Offices DP 3.jpeg
REACT pod diagram on north wall of the Airlock between Corporate Offices and Workshop. "To protect react personnel, the Extraction Pod has a full medical suite and is armored like a tank." - REACT INDEX Corporate Offices DP 4 Map.jpeg
Corporate Offices DP 4.jpeg
Key pad beside carapace spire in the large room with the starcase to the Extraction Point. "Wow, INDEX is picking up some major gravitational fluctuation coming from that structure." - Mira Corporate Offices DP 5 Map.jpeg
Corporate Offices DP 5.jpeg


Location Quote Image
Northeast most room, grey container with “HK-27” and “REACT” on it. "All equipment REACT analysts and operators might need is pre-staged on-site in biometrically locked cases." - REACT INDEX Workshop DP 1 Map.jpeg
Workshop DP 1.jpeg
Central area, the model lander in the center of the room. "That satellite was scheduled to go up with next gen ground penetrating sensors. We sure could use it now." - Ash Workshop DP 2 Map.jpeg
Workshop DP 2.jpeg
In the corner of the airlock between Hangar 1 and Workshop "Something inside of these neoplasms is either precious or fradgile. Hence the thick, hard shell." - Mira Workshop DP 3 Map.jpeg
Workshop DP 3.jpeg
The white machine in the middle of the room. "This 3D printer was trying out an experimental printing stock when the Parasite hit, but all traces of it are gone." - Mira Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-12-15-19-3.jpg
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-12-15-18-26.jpg
The big capsule in the middle of the room, looking at the yellow square on the ground "These guys were trying to start a new age of space exploration. Seems like thex didn't have to look far." - Thermite Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-12-15-20-30.jpg
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-12-15-19-54.jpg