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"Sometimes you kick the door and there is nothing but men drinking wine and playing cards. Sometimes they have machinapistoli, but you must kick the door to find out."
— Ettore Falcone

Ettore "Hector" Falcone is a Rainbow Operative that appears in the novel, The Bear and the Dragon.


Ettore Falcone is a member of the Italian Carabinieri. With training from his weapons instructor at the police academy, Falcone became an expert marksman. In the early 2000s, he was walking the streets of Palermo, Sicily with his wife Anna-Maria and infant son when three members of the Italian Mafia opened fire on them. Falcone's wife, bodyguard, and a pedestrian were killed instantly, prompting Falcone to shoot and kill his attackers on the spot. Falcone's situation grew even when worse when it was found that two of the three men that he had killed were sons of a mob boss. Falcone publicly spat at threats from the mob and was prepared to deal with them. The Italian government, however, did not want a blood feud to erupt between the Mafia and its own federal police agency. Falcone was reassigned to Hereford Base, England to become the first Italian member of Rainbow. This was also meant to help mediate Rainbow's lack of personnel due to older members getting injured or rotated back to their parent services.

Falcone was placed on Team 2 under Domingo Chavez. He soon became one the organization's best marksman and was regularly beat Chavez, John Clark and rangemaster Dave Woods. Clark who was known throughout the world for his marksman skills practiced for a week to prepare for one challenge and still ended up losing, albeit by one point.


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