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"The remains of an ancient meteor crater. Something in this rural valley has attracted the Parasite."
— Description

Eurydice Valley is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Alaska region.



Eurydice Farm[]

Eurydice Commons[]

Missile Silo[]

Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]

Missile Silo

Location Quote Image
Southmost hallway, cart along the south wall. "What's a cold war bunker without an abandoned train tunnel? GPS says it heads off towards the Orpheus research station." - Thermite Missile Silo DP 1 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 1.jpeg
Second floor of the central circular room with an empty space in the center. Look out towards the center of the room. "This silo is an ideal place to study cosmic rays. It's isolated and shielded against outside radiation." - Mira Missile Silo DP 2 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 2.jpeg
Northmost room, large tank in the center of the room lit up with red/orange light. "Seems they were studying fossilized DNA they found in the Eurydice meteor, but stopped after the T or C outbreak." - Ash Missile Silo DP 3 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 3.jpeg
Red mechanical arms in the center of the central square room directly under the Extraction Point. "That's a cutting-edge tachyon detector, which is pretty strange to find in a cold war missile silo." - Mira Missile Silo DP 4 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 4.jpeg
Plants in glass cabinets on north side of the Airlock between Missile Silo and Eurydice Farm. "In this experiment, we want to see if the Parasite causes identical mutations in cloned plants." - Mira Missile Silo DP 5 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 5.jpeg
Poster of the REACT Blade on west wall. of the Airlock between Missile Silo and Eurydice Farm. "REACT Blades combine monomolecular sharpness with a self sterilizing biopsy needle for easy sample collection." - REACT INDEX Missile Silo DP 6 Map.jpeg
Missile Silo DP 6.jpeg

Eurydice Farm

Location Quote Image
Northern farm building, schematics on desk on lower floor. REACT Body Armor utilizes non-Newtonian fluid that is light and flexible, but hardens under impact." - REACT INDEX Eurydice Farm DP 1 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Farm DP 1.jpeg
Eastern building, distilling equipment in center of room. "Wheat and kale aren't the only things this farm produced. That's a moonshine still." - Thermite Eurydice Farm DP 2 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Farm DP 2.jpeg
Central structure, up the stairs and then looking at the electronic devices on the southeast corner. "They think the Spike's large size is due to the farm's nutrient rich soil. Or maybe it has something special in it?" - Ash Eurydice Farm DP 3 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Farm DP 3.jpeg
Eastern edge of the area, looking out the chain link fence. "This landscape looks so serene. Too bad Orpheus showed up and ruined it with their experiments." - Thermite Eurydice Farm DP 4 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Farm DP 4.jpeg
White canisters on west side of room in the Airlock between Eurydice Farm and Eurydice Commons. "We put airlocks wherever the best site is. Even an old-timey 'cooperage' where they made wooden barrels." - Thermite Eurydice Farm DP 5 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Farm DP 5.jpeg

Eurydice Commons

Location Quote Image
Southeastern room, shiny machinery under white machinery with REACT on it. "REACT can fit negative air pressure systems that minimize toxin transmission to almost any structure." - REACT INDEX Eurydice Commons DP 1 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Commons DP 1.jpeg
Large room on the west side, interact with the center of the raised platform. "This Aberration is inert and fossilized. Maybe it originated from the meteor that was discovered here." - Mira Eurydice Commons DP 2 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Commons DP 2.jpeg
Circular room on the west side, the items on the white desk. "This whole place used to be a spiritual retreat before Orpheus took it over to support their lab in the silo." - Ash Eurydice Commons DP 3 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Commons DP 3.jpeg
Building to the left of the Extraction point in the north, the poster on top of the chest of drawers.

Look for the building with a hole blown out the side.

"The Spiker's ballistic spikes are razor sharp and can be flung at velocities similar to high caliber sniper bullets." - REACT INDEX Eurydice Commons DP 4 Map.jpeg
Eurydice Commons DP 4.jpeg