Rainbow Six Wiki

"Block all incoming Archæan projectiles in an area.
Deploys a 6-meter wide field wall on landing, blocking all projectiles."

— In-game Description

The Field Wall is a Tech Tier 3 gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It can be unlocked with 1 REACT Token at Development Milestone 16.

Once thrown, a 6-meter wide barrier wall will deploy, blocking all incoming. It will not block friendly bullets, allowing players to continue to fire enemies. Field Walls are extremely effective when engaging Spikers and Tormentors, especially on higher difficulties.

The wall will last approximately 15 seconds before it is destroyed. To prevent this, players can pick them back up and redeploy them indefinately. Like other gadgets, Field Walls can be resupplied with REACT Tech Supply Cases.