Fiona Cathcart is a character appearing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. She appears in the mission Operation Dragon Hammer and its PC counterpart Parliament. She is the niece of Rainbow deputy director Alistair Stanley.


Fiona Cathcart is an analyst for MI5 and was working as a special envoy for the European Union. During a special session of Scottish Parliament on June 10, 2009, the Global Liberation Front attacked the Parliament building in order to stop the EU's efforts to reduce illegal weapons smuggling. Cathcart was one of four hostages taken during the attack and was held in the debating chamber. The GLF also planted a bomb in the building and threatened to detonate it should a rescue attempted be made.

John Clark and Cathcart's uncle, Alistair Stanley tasked Domingo Chavez with rescuing Cathcart and the other hostages as well as disarming the bomb. After infiltrating the building, Chavez was contacted by Cathcart who had stolen a radio from one of the terrorists after stabbing them. Unfortunately, this scuffle also damaged the radio and left Chavez unable to respond to Cathcart's transmissions. Before Chavez was able to reach Cathcart, her radio was discovered and confiscated. Despite this, Chavez was able to successfully dispatch the terrorists and the hostages.


  • John Clark noted that Fiona Cathcart was like a daughter to Alistair Stanley.
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