Rainbow Six Siege Icon "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"Hides the muzzle flash and reduces small burst recoil."
— In-game description

The Flash Hider is a weapon attachment featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It hides the muzzle flash of weapons so the enemy may take longer to notice where the shot come from. Every time the weapon starts firing, it slightly reduces the vertical recoil and greatly reduces the horizontal recoil for the first 3 shots. Internally, the Flash Hider reduces the first-shot recoil by 37.5%, the re-centering time by 30%, and random recoil (diamond) size by 5%. [1]

The Flash Hider is arguably the most versatile barrel for all range combat, assuming that the bullets hit the enemy in the first 3 shots.

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