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A tactical flashlight attached to a Beretta 92.

A Tactical Light is a flashlight or torch that can be attached to a weapon by means of a standard rail or other mount. The light is aimed along the weapon's axis of fire. It may be activated by a switch on the light itself, or to a momentary switch located near the user's hands to purposefully conceal the light until a target is confronted.

The light may be equivalent to a normal flashlight—enough to illuminate objects in darkness. To make it difficult for a target to fight back, some models may project an overwhelming amount of light, and other models may even project dazzling patterns.

Siege[edit | edit source]

The Flashlight is a weapon attachment in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was featured in the Outbreak event.

The attachment was available by default on all available weapons in the event. It allowed players the option to turn it on or off. This gave players increased visibility or discretion against enemies.

Quarantine[edit | edit source]

The Flashlight is an attachment set to be featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine.

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