Flying Gate is the first mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - Extremists have taken the Museum of Art in New York City during the opening festivities for an annual exhibition of Egyptian antiquities. Your mission is to retake the building with minimal loss of life.

NYPD has secured the perimeter and set up heartbeat surveillance so you'll be able to track the positions of the hostiles once you're inside. The only way in is the main door, as the secondary entrance is inaccessible. According to the blueprints there are several balconies in the main exhibit halls, they could provide vantage points for snipers.


John Clark - Team, this resembles closely the incident that kept us busy last year. Until the NYPD tightens security, looks like we'll always have a job here.

As you know, the Feds handle hostage situations on American soil, but again we've got a very high-profile foreign national in there, the Egyptian foreign affairs Minister. Because of Rainbow's experience with this kind of situation and the internal complications, Egypt and Washington have both asked RAINBOW to run the extraction instead. Both groups want the Minister safe and the tangos neutralized.

Just like last time, try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

Mission success

John Clark - Good work in New York. Intelligence is trying to figure out whom these terrorists were and how they managed to launch such an operation in the States, especially knowing how we dealt with the same situation in the past. It's obvious they had some kind of support - we just don't know from where yet.

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