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Fort Truth is a map featured in the Showdown event for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]


  • Jäger's gravestone can be found in the map. Below his name, M. Streicher, it reads "worried too little about grenades", a reference his iconic line, "you can stop worrying about grenades now".
  • A gravestone for Blitz can also be found. Under his name, E. Kotz, it reads "Met his end at the hands of a true southern gentleman".
  • A Smasher skull from the Outbreak event can be found in a coffin in the grave pit behind the bell tower. This was removed in the Arcade version of the event.
    • The mine in the map is named Consequence Mine. This alongside the map's name, Fort Truth, may be a reference to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the city in which the Outbreak event primarily took place.
  • A reference to a scene in Back to the Future Part III can be found in the mining tunnel on the map. Half-way inside the mine, a boarded up hole can be seen with the words N.J.T. written on it. Breaking the boards will reveal the DeLorean partially concealed by a sheet.